The lost City of Tinnos 2 -

Search for the Hand of Rathmore.


Level by Chris Radford.

Unauthorized Walk by G&D Productions.

We will not mention all the Enemies.

 Level 1: Tinnos Caves.

Lara is standing in a burning hot Steam-blower, jump/roll forward to slide backwards from the sloped passage. Grab the edge of the ledge and go shimmy L to the last ledge and pull up to jump to  the ledge S, runjump/grab over E into an alcove and throw the switch to open a steel door below, safety drop into the dark cave. Turn L and go N to enter that door, In a room with a small pool are 5 switches on the E wall, go get that Ammo to the L and then go for the switch puzzle.

The Switch Puzzle.

Number the switches 1 to 5 from L to R. Then go pull switches 3/5/4/ pull #3up again/ then pull 2 and a gate opens in the first cave.

The Uli Key.

Head back, go in the W gate and just around the first corner past the steam-blower is the Shotgun on the floor, at the second corner are some Flares, now the rest of the passage is booby-trapped with Knife-balls, what worked best for me was to go through the passage at top speed and donít run into the brownish walkthrough walls next to the Knife-balls and after taking more Flares, you can slide down the L side of the slope in the end, turn R fast and standjump/grab to catch the edge of the opening to the R, pull up to go to the switch and pull it to make the pit behind you safe, dive into the pit to get the Uli Key.

Go back to the first cave by crawling under the Knife-balls and go to the SE corner where a lock is to be found on the Cross window, the door S opens. Hurry up and get into a corner, stand with you back into the corner and take out the Spider, he/she canít hurt you then. In the room is a ledge over the entrance, pull up at the R hand (E) side and turn around, jump to the rock-ledge and run past the steam-blower, turn around and grab up to the ledge spanning the room, on the ledge is a Ĺ MP. Crawl to it and stay low as Darts start flying, crawl to the W opened gate and go pull the switch (duck, more Darts) to open a door below S. Drop back to the rock-ledge and run off the SE corner, jump into the opening S and just off the higher block are some Flares.

Opening up the Lost Room.

Now quickly crawl past the Steam-blower and thatís no water in the hole ahead, so climb down the ladder and go to a large cave where a flyby will show a key needed at the Blade and a kind of Tablet in an upper room.

The True Puzzle Tablet.

Go over the bridge to the other side and turn R into the hall there, go L and just past the caged level a Boulder will drop, so hop back and then go in to the R, get the Ĺ MP and go L into the opening to a water filled pit. Just hop in and climb up on the corner of the burning ledge, close to the ladder, look on the W wall and spot the Jumpswitch, standjump/grab the switch and the burner will be off, climb the ledge again and get the Ĺ MP. Climb the ladder till you see a ledge behind you (about one step over the Spider web). Backflip off and go through the passage to a pedestal with the True Puzzle Tablet. Save first and take it, hold sidejump R or L and Spikes will pop up from wall and floor, wait for the Boulder to pass and turn to the passage N, run in fast and watch the health-bar, go standjump up into the passage/ Just go straight and youíll bump into a push-pillar, push it in and get Secret#1, a MP and Ammo.

Turn back and walk up to the grated floor part, look up S and spot the ladder to an alcove, go up and pull the switch to open the gate to the lever below and also the exit of this place, drop down, turn r and go straight to the reach-in switch on the W wall at the next closed gate, the floor behind you is now deadly, so just head down the sloped passage and jump over the deadly floorpart. Follow into the passage the Boulder came from before and youíll end up at the opened cage with the lever, throw it to open the first gate to the Lost Room (S in the large cave). Now we need a key for the next gate and that Key is on the burning pedestal near the lever you just did.

The Lost Room Key.

Dive into the pool of the large cave and swim into the small tunnel NE and get Secret#2, the Uzis. Climb back out E and go up to the ladder on E wall, leading through the rock-ledge and backflip off. Go N and runjump over to the next ledge, go to the corner from where you can do a runjump straight NW and up the ledge over the entrance. Save at the switch in the alcove and pull, go down from the W side and over the bridge to the other side, turn R (W) and go behind the pillar there to get the Lost Room Key. If the pedestal still burns (bug sometimes), go back to your save and try again. Go straight over to enter the E side with the Blade on the bridge and go use the Key in the lock, donít forget the Blade behind you after the cutscene of the last gate opening up S, go in and come to the Pillar Puzzle.

The Pillar Puzzle.

On the floor of the Puzzle room is a picture, all broken up in pieces and strange markings on the pieces, in the closed gates E (three) and W (two) are 5 pillars that have to be used, throughout the next rooms weíll visit are several clues to the puzzle to find. Go S and find your first clue to the puzzle over the small pool.

The 1st Oceanic Mask.

Head into the E side passage and go up the ramp, in the next room down the NW passage and ignore the gate sound for now, follow to a pedestal with the 1st Oceanic Mask and just beyond the pedestal are 2 Ammo pickups, but they are booby-trapped, so itíll cost you some health to get them. Return to the Trigger Tile and save standing on the SE corner, facing the closed gate. Jump onto the higher floor and sprint into the opened gate. Youíre in a small room with 2 switches, throw the one L (N) and the sloped floor goes down, revealing another clue. Now throw the S switch (maybe twice) till the exit opens up.

Go out and down the ramp SW, go up the next ramp on the W side of the hall to come to a pit, to the L is a closed passage for now, go N and come to a room with a complete Puzzle picture. Take notes and go to the switch in the N alcove, Save and pull, backflip/roll and run/sprint with a R curve around the hole in the floor to get into the opened gate W. get into a corner fast and shoot the Spider from there, there are 2 closed gates in this part of the room. Then head S and find another clue, grab/climb up o the upper floor there and go to one of the Timed switches (one for each gate below)

W switch: Pull, roll and turn R, running to the hole and roll just before you go down, so youíll land facing N in the room below, sprint NW and L into the open gate. Same MO here, pull the L hand switch to reveal the clue and throw the other (twice) to get out. Go back up to the Timed switches. E sides turn now.

E switch: Pull, roll and turn R, running to the hole and roll just before you go down, so youíll land facing N in the room below, sprint straight N and maybe hit ďAltĒ to dive/roll through the gate before it closes. Same MO here, pull the L hand switch to reveal the clue and throw the other (twice) to get out.

The 2nd Oceanic Mask.

Go to the hole in the floor E and pull the switch to open the slow door (needs some oil) and go up to the room with the clue picture, head out S and L at the pit, to come back in the hall, go R and dive into the small pool, swim in the small tunnel and go first down and R, to get the 2nd Oceanic Mask. Swim back up and R, up in the first hole and all the way up to a room with a MP and Flares. Face N before you go back  in and swim down, first opportunity N and up in the end, go to the Puzzle Room.

Place the Oceanic Masks between the gates E and W and all gates to the Pillars are open. It seems to be better to move the Pillars along the side of the floor till you can move it to the Tile where it has to go in a straight and continuous motion and also not saving throughout this Puzzle seems to be better (could cause a bug)


In the E side are 3 pillars, pull out the R hand one and put it just around the corner for now, then gat the L side Pillar and move it along the side of the floor to the other side where it will go onto the corner, now you can get the 3rd Pillar out and move it straight to where it has to go, the first pillar can now be moved onto itís position too.

W side are two Pillars, go place them and the gate on the rock-ledge SW will open up, go in there and throw the switch, go out again and to the S, up the W ramp and to the R at the pit, turn S and runjump/grab into the opening S, walk up to a Spike-pit and standjump/grab over to the switch that will turn the Lava at the Puzzle room safe and brings out a raging SkellieÖ Turn from the switch and jump up to the passage over the Spike-pit and go jump back N over the Lava-pit. go down the E ramp and as soon as you come to the puzzle room, dive into the water and find the room under the Puzzle floor, swim down into the tunnel and follow to level 2.

Level 2: Temple Zanreth.

Swim on and through a small opening in the R hand wall, climb out in a wide corridor. At the crossing go to the R (E) and up the ladder, backflip off and go get the Diamond from the pedestal, no danger here, go back and jump/grab the ladder, head to the crossing and W, first R and walk slowly onto the bridge as Blades will pop up, go R and place the Diamond in the E wall, go back and to the N end of the bridge carefully and get a MP from the reach-in hole in the wall. Now the big gates opened in the corridor, so head S and R through the gates to reach a wide cave.

The Cave.

A Flyby will show you a lot of closed gates. Go L and get the pile of Flares and then go to the Channel W, shoot about 4 Crocs and then get the surprise of your lifeÖ Runjump over the channel to the opening under the small waterfall.

Timed Gates.

In the next small room are some Timed gates and a Lava pit to the L, runjump/grab over the pit and get the MP, the Trigger Tile next to the MP will open that gate W on the other side of the pool and the switch E opens the N gate there. Then go to the switch on the E wall and to open the gate N over the pit, so Save and pull, roll and run over the Trigger Tile for the gate in W wall, then run with a R curve to do a runjump/grab (test your nerves, you really have to jump straight and at the last moment, or you will come up short) over the pit and run into the L hand (W) gate quickly pull the (Timed) switch and roll. Run into the N gate and do the same, then roll, run to the pit and runjump/grab over to the (Timed) gate where you picked up the MP before. (There are two more timed switches behind the N and W gates, but I couldnít find out what they did, so I never used them.)

Blades, Burners and a Maze.

Stand a bit clear from the edge of the Blade-pool as the Blades will harm you. Dive in after checking your health and dive straight down the hole in the bottom. (Map) Careful, the yellow Tiles are deadly and you have to get rid of them by pulling 5 UW levers in this maze, turn E from where you swim in and then R and come to an UW lever to the L (1) in that short passage, throw it and see the transparent wall R of it, inside you can go up for air. From pulling the lever, turn L and swim back L, next crossing R and get the MP in the end, roll and swim R/R and pull the UW lever (2) roll and swim L/R/L/R and past the first lever, get air if you need it and go out, L into the alcove for the UW lever (3). Roll go out and R and follow the R hand wall to the passage with UW lever (4) roll, get the Ĺ MP and swim out, L and past the first lever around the corner and follow straight to the end. Pull the UW lever (5) there (another air pocket here if you need it) and turn R from the lever, swim L/L and get the Revolver from the passage, roll and swim L, L again and straight into the small tunnel up in the wall. Climb out L and throw the switch to lower a cage somewhere.

Dark Labyrinths.

Dive back into the water, swim straight out of the small tunnel and in the end go R and up through the shaft, under the Blades, turn to swim into the L hand opening in S wall, you can time the Blade and to the L is some air if you want, thereís a passage weíll get to later. First swim to the very S end of the tunnel. Youíll be hit in the backside by some Spikes, but they will only pop down once, swimming down the sloped tunnel you will come to pictures on the walls both L and R, they were of no help in the next two labyrinths. Go L or R, you have to do both and follow the dark passages to the end, lighting flares, you canít go wrong and after you pulled the 2 switches, lowering cages, you can swim N up the sloped passage and swim into the E tunnel first, the UW lever there will lower a gate in the W tunnel, so the UW lever there will be accessible.

Pull the last lever and swim back to that air pocket near the Statue head in the NE tunnel. Climb out there and up the R hand wall (there were fires here before), jump to the walkway over the Blades and throw the switch where the cage lowered before. The SW gate opens in the Cave. Go to the NE side of the walkway, but stay clear of the burning statue. Look for the small hole in the N wall and just run of the walkway with a grab to land in that hole. Itís near the Timed switch you used before, go runjump/grab back over the Lava pit and go out E to the Cave. Runjump over the channel and shoot a Croc at the entrance of the SW Channel and from the corner there you can do a long runjump over that sloped floor to land in the new channel.

Follow the channel around a corner to the end and just before you come to a room with red pillars and 3 Crocs, quickly get out on the N or S ledge and shoot those Crocs. Go into the opening N and go into the switch-alcove E, throw the switch, grab the MP from the reach-in wall L and go to the W side, throw the switch in the R hand alcove and then in the one next door, go E and throw the switch in the last alcove and another MP awaits you in the reach-in wall L. Now go back S to the channel and jump to the open gate S, go R inside and hop over the first pit, runjump/grab to the ladder, climb up to the switch in the end and that will raise the water in the room with the red pillars. Hang on the top of the ladder and backflip/roll/grab back to the other side and hop back over the pit, see a block in the passage ahead, you have to go around to pull it.

The Crowbar.

Go to the room with the red pillars E and up N. throw the switch then one more on the E ledge and climb up to the open gate S, go R and pull the block once, go around to the S passage at the channel and push it once more, look in the alcove to your R for Secret#3, Ammo pickups. Go around again and push the block onto the Tile in the S passage, the gate E opens. Climb the ladder in that passage and backflip to an upper passage, get the Crowbar there.

The Torch.

Go back out and into the water, swim out to the Channel and climb out N, Go to the n side of the lava-pit and follow back to the Cave. In the NE corner, close to those big open entrance gates are a couple of Torches, pick one and head to the burning statue S. Head to the NW and follow the passage along the channel to a room with 3 statues. Light those from a safe distance and the gate W opens, leave your Torch here. Go to the gate E first and pry it open with the Crowbar, go in and come to a lava-pit.

Pushblocks, Boulders and Fire Tiles.

Runjump to the far R and sloped side and start jumping L till you land on a flatter surface next to the switch ledge, throw the switch and see a gate open up. Climb the SW corner of the switch ledge and standjump/grab up to the W walkway above. Pull the face block in the S wall out and grab the edge of the walkway to shimmy past the block to the opening S, follow to the R and wait at the dark grey Tile in front of the caged switch, save here and standjump to the R over the corner of the Tile, run down one ledge into a lower passage and go L, keep running and jump over the pit, roll at the ladder and shoot the Wasps. Up the ladder and backflip to an upper passage to throw the switch, lowers the last cage you saw. Go back and over the Boulder, up to the R and standjump the corner of the Fire Tile to the switch R, pull to open a gate somewhere, go back N over the Fire Tile and out to the walkways.  

Standjump over the walkways to the E one and pull a block out of the N wall, as far as possible, grab the side of the walkway and shimmy to the N side of the block and enter the passage, go R (where you just opened the gate) and come to another set of Fire Tiles, you have to figure out what the safe distance from the first Tile is (about 1 and a half step back) to standjump/grab to the safe one behind it and make your way through this passage to a wider room, jump from safe tile to safe tile and end up in the NW corner under the grated ceiling. The gate in the N passage opens up, so hop over there and follow in to the L or R and on top of the stairs go S between the red pillars to a yellow Tile (donít explore the dark N cave), throw the switch to lower the cage on the middle walkway.

The Element Key.

Safety drop from the S side at the switch and go S, hop back through the room with the Fire Tiles (same E route) and once back on the walkway a standjump to the walkway in the middle, throw the switch (gate to the Element Key opens). Hop to the W walkway and over the rock ridge NW, run off to the NW and land in front of the passage up N, follow up a bit and get a Ĺ MP and Ammo from a reach-in hole in the wall. Go down the steps again and leave the room W, go straight into the gate opened with the Torch and in the W end the Element Key is now available. Go back a bit and into the n passage to a room with blocks on ledges in the lava.

Alphabet Push.

On the ledges are letters and on the S wall some clues, for me it was not clear, so I got the answer from the Forum and itís the word Plaque (seems to have something to do with the 3 words on the wall). So push the blocks on the right letters to spell the word PLAQUE and the gate W opens, go in and use the Key in the lock to bring out a pole in the Cave.

The Star of Ora.

Now get back through the Alphabet room to the hall and go S to the Cave, up the pole and backflip to the bridge from facing SE. Run to the S and jump over the hole in the floor, get the Ĺ MP and turn around, go down the ladder in the hole and get the Star of Ora. Climb back up the ladder and go all the way to the n end of the bridge, place the Star.

The Eye of Isis.

Return to the Pole *where the fence on the bridge is missing) and do a run (diagonally) and jump to the ledge in the waterfall W, go up the ladder and just around the corner is the Eye of Isis. The cage lowers and you can slide down to the next challenge.

Level 3: The Deserted Temple of Tinnos.

Be sure to slide backwards from the last slope (jump/roll) and grab the edge, safety drop down into a corridor. Go up the stairs and to the L (E), along the water and go L into the first opening, in the end R and up a ledge, the block E is pushable, push it twice and go into the pushblock-room. Opposite the one you just pushed in is another block pull it once out of the wall and go around through the passage R of it to push it once more onto the yellow Tile. A gate opens N, while youíre there you can just as well throw the switch on the wall between the gates to open some double gates somewhere. Go into the open gate and shimmy around the pit to get to the switch, a gate opens next door, shimmy back and go to the pushblock-room, L and open the other gate with the Crowbar. Enter and go up the first ladder you see, throw the switch and see a pole in a room close to where you opened the double gates before. Go down the other side and climb L into an alcove with Ammo and Flares.

The Tinnos Head.

Return to the pushblock-room and go into the SE passage, follow to the water and go runjump/grab over to the S side and follow up to the Tinnos Head, go back to the water and notice the Torch at the gate L (remember).

The Tinnos Body.

Dive into the water (deep tunnel) and swim W, follow to a tunnel L and go in to get Secret#4, a MP. Swim out and L (W again) and all the way to the end. up and climb out L, go up to the wall and climb into the CS, drop on the other side and go up the stairs to where a flyby shows you burning pillars, the double gates youíve opened and the pole. Save at the switch and pull, turn R and run, jump to the first pillar, then a standjump to the next and a curved running jump/grab to the floor between the burning pillars S. Go to the pole R of the caged Handle and backflip into the upper passage. On a ledge in the room to the L is some Ammo, then throw the switch on the E wall and make a note of how the 2 blocks in this room are positioned. Drop back down at the pole and head E through the open double gates, you can grab up to the upper floor from a white ledge and facing N, go R into a similar room and get the Ammo on the ledge, throw the switch and see the gate at the start of the level open up. Now pull/push the 2 blocks in this room onto the same position as in the other room and the NE gate opens up. Inside is another switch that will lower the cage on the Handle. Go back down through the S passage and head W to the pedestal. Get the Tinnos Body (Ornate handle). Go to the pool with the burning pillars, dive in and swim NW, climb out and hop up to the exit, down the stairs and crawl back to the water. Go straight to a wooden gate down the N passage and place the (combined Tinnos Head and Body=) Tinnos God.

This will make a ledge safe where we go now. Go back to the water and all the way to the E and R into a hallway. Go up the slope and into the CS up L in the wall drop onto the ledge thatís now safe (burnt before) and runjump to the rock ledge SE. Walk up to a sloped block SW and save with full health, standjump onto the sloped block and slidejump. Jump again from the next block and land in a bunch of Spikes, quickly run from corner to corner around the R or standjump there and hop from Tile to Tile to get to the switch that will raise a part of a floor somewhere. Jump/grab into the opening W and go through the gate that will open for you to come back to the water.

The Torch.

Go over to the N side and L a bit, into the passage N and first R, straight E through the pushblock-room and to where the Torch is behind that wooden gate, get one Torch of the pile and hop back into the N passage, go straight W and in the passage there, is a walltorch in the alcove to the R. Light your Torch and go out to the S, follow the water to the W and go R down the stairs where the level started, through the open gate and in the N end are 2 corroded floor grates, stand on them (about middle) and light them to open a blue gate in the floor-hole behind you.

Leave the Torch here and go into the hole, follow to a switch, pulling the switch will open two walls, L and R, take one opening and follow a CS to a lava room, drop out onto a ledge.

The Lava Room.

Stand on the NW corner of the ledge and face N, sidejump onto the sloped ledge L and slide/jump to the one opposite, keep jumping L and finally end up on the next grey ledge, follow the ledge to the W and jump into the alcove with the lamp. Grab up to the L wall and on the wall is a switch.

Timed Run. (Map)

This switch will open a Timed gate in the NE corner of the room. So Save in front of the switch and pull, turn R and run off the wall in a NE direction, so youíll land on the grey ledge below the bridge, runjump to the next grey ledge, next to the slope and try to land close to the lava and about one step from the slope. So you can turn L a bit and do a sharp curved standjump over the slope (probably just touching it) to the ledge under the open gate up NE. Run against the wall and grab up to get in just in time.

Pits, Switches and CSíes.

Drop into the hole at the end of the passage and land next to another hole, drop down again and follow up to another pit (L is fire* on the floor, R is closed for now) turn around and drop/hang in backwards and drop/grab the lower CS, pull up in and go use the switch, crawl back into the pit and shimmy R to climb into the CS there, follow to where you can climb up to the L and go up the ladder in the end of the passage. In the upper passage is another switch (*turns off fire) and a Crowbar lever to the W (opens gate at bridge), use that too and climb up the ledge behind the Crowbar lever. Go out onto the bridge in the Lava room and runjump over to the N bridge, go in through the opened gate and come back to the room with the hole in the floor, go back in and follow to the pit.

UW levers.

Now run (or shimmy) around the corner into the L (E) passage and follow to a switch that will open an UW gate, turn back to the pit and standjump/grab straight over into the W passage, go to the waterfall, Save and dive in. Follow to the room with the cage and find the opened gate to the R. Inside are 4 UW levers one is booby-trapped, only use the R hand one E and both S levers and a cage lowers at a switch. Go back fast and you will just make it (you can also go for air in between). When you just climbed out of the water, do a backflip into an alcove, now you can see a Jumpswitch on the wall over the opening, standjump/grab the switch (**lowers a cage in the Trident Room where we go later) and climb out of the water again.

The 1st Trident. (Map)

Return to the pit, drop/hang backwards and shimmy L into the CS to the ladder, go up and into the S room, donít go onto the grey floor yet, get the Ammo in the NW corner and walk onto the first grey Tile on the lower floor standjump straight S over the next to the 2nd safe Tile and turn facing the Trident cage standjump to the Tile in front of the cage and then turn N, standjump over a Fire Tile to the one behind and then turn around again, the Trident cage should be lowered now, so hop back to the Tile in front of the cage and go to the pedestal to get the 1st Trident. Then go to the S switch and throw it to see a gate opening up, return over the deadly floor using the same safe Tiles straight N from the pedestal and go out N, turn L and into the passage behind the Crowbar switch again to go out to the bridge. From this bridge you can runjump down to the NE to land on the ledge near the lava, go stand on the grey Tile facing SW and see the open gate in the wall under that Timed switch you used before, just do a standard standjump into the opening and follow in. In this passage you lowered the ** cage before.

The Neptune Room, 1st Horsemanís Gem.

A flyby will show a Horseman getting on the horse, as soon as you have control back start shooting him (pistols will do fine) and hopping back from him so he wonít hurt you. I hopped back turning L so you have a clear shot on his heart (Gem). After a while he will drop from the horse and then you have to keep on shooting while hopping backwards, when he finally drop he will leave a Horsemanís Gem behind. Go to the grey rocks W of the Neptune statues and go up the SW corner where the blue crystals are and go all the way up to the ledge above.

2nd Horsemanís Gem, 2nd Trident.

On the ledge are 3 switches S and 3 N, on the wall above them is the indication you only have to pull the 2 L switches S and the L and R switch N, a gate opens in the Neptune room. Go down the rocks to the E and go S to where the Horseman mounted the horse, pick up the Flares and go up to the opened gate in S wall, Jump/grab the pole and go up a bit, donít turn, but backflip into the passage. Go out to a ledge in the Neptune Room. Runjump/grab over to the N alcove with the switch (***opens UW gate) and jump back, then runjump/grab into an alcove E and get a Ĺ MP, jump back to the ledge and go W, runjump/grab into the opening and another Horseman will mount his horse Try to stay on the ledge where you entered and shoot him wile hopping back, do rolls here, because the area isnít too big. Get the 2nd Horsemanís Gem and throw a switch in the NE corner, then go around the room to pull 3 chains (only one pull) and youíll see a gate open up at the pole. Jump back to the ledge in the Neptune Room and go S to the pole, run R into the alcove and get the 2nd Trident. Grab the pole and go down a bit, backflip into the passage halfway down (all the way down is closed for now).

3rd Horsemanís Gem.

Back at the Neptune Statues, you can dive into the water N, look for a small tunnel SE and follow all the way to where a gate*** just opened and you can go climb up into the 3rd Horseman room (I advise you to Save while you are climbing up and if youíre fast enough you can shoot before he mounts the horse and he will be dealt with much easier). Again a close battle, I jumped over one of the fences and stood there shooting the Guy and it worked, he couldnít harm Lara but she sure hurt him. Then finish him off as he drops from the horse and get the 3rd Horsemanís Gem. Nothing else to do here, so return through the water to the Neptune room and go up the W rocks to the switch ledge, down the W side and jump over the canal. Find the 3 receptacles for the Horseman Gems in the alcoves and both SW and NW gates open up. The SW gate holds a MP, the NW gate gives access to the next challenge.

The 3rd Trident.

Stand with your back into a corner and take out the Spider, then go look for the CS up un the NE corner, shimmy around a pit and as soon as you can stand again in the higher passage, turn around and use the Jumpswitch there, the cage at the Trident lowers, the grated walkway is deadly, so donít use that, runjump to the R hand sloped side of the pit, slide and grab the edge, shimmy all the way to the L and against the wall. Pull up and backflip. Jump sharp L and youíll end up in the alcove N to get the 3rd Trident. Return the same way by shimmying back along the pit and jump the slopes to get back in the exit to crawl back to the Elements room.

The Elements Puzzle, 4th Trident. (Map)

There are 2 switches in the room one on a ledge in the lava pool NW and one SW. runjump over the fences and use these switches to lower some cages in the room. In the middle of the room are 5 grey Tiles, 4 with symbols of the Elements and one blank in the middle, and around the room are 4 blocks next to the Element alcoves. Star with a block standing alone S it has a red top, put that on the blank Tile in the middle. Go get the other 4 blocks and donít take notice of the colour on top. Put the right block on the right symbol and the gate opens S, go in and R around the corner to get the 4th Trident.

Element 115.

Go back N through the Element room and out E to the Neptune room, over the switch ledge, down to the Statues. Place the 4 Tridents youíve collected and go behind the Neptune statue to get the Element 115 crystal. A gate opens and that gate is S, up the ledge where that gate opened before, then down the pole and S through the passage.

Getting Out.

A gate drops shut behind you and the gate S is still closed. Go find the 3 Jumpswitches, one SW corner, one SW corner and the other NE corner on the pillars. Then look for an opening in the floor close to the gate, go in and follow to  the end, turn around and jump/grab up to a Jumpswitch that will raise a block in the floor of a CS, go back up and to the W wall where youíll find a hole in the wall, follow the CS to a switch and the S gate will open up, crawl back and go in to end this level.

                                               >Level 4: The Temple Compound.<