Tomb Raider Genesis.

Level by George Maciver.

Unauthorized Walkthrough D&G Productions.

We will not mention all the enemies. It’s a dark level, put your monitor brightness high…

Follow the passage down to an opening in the floor. Turn and do a safety drop down into a dark room, shoot a Ninja for the Ammo he will drop and go into a CS in the SE corner and up in the wall, follow through to a room with Secret#1, Ammo on a pedestal and find the opening in the floor N, drop in and jump over a fire pit. Go W between those pillars and a door will open for you, follow through to a room with pools.

Room with Pools.

Go into the room between the two columns SW and shoot a Ninja to get some Flares. In the back of the room is a receptacle for a "Hand", go back out and into a S end of the room, there are two waterfilled holes.

UW Labyrinth.

Dive into the first one (W) and swim past a closed gate, just keep going along the R hand wall to come to a room with a lever and a closed door. Throw the lever to see that UW gate open up. So swim back going L everywhere and go through the open gate, then keep going R everywhere and come to another room with a lever that will open that grey door in the first lever room. So now swim back going L everywhere till you come to the wider room after the gate and go R everywhere to get back to that first lever room.

Go into the open door and into the water in the end of the passage, face S and dive into the s tunnel, follow going R and up into a room with a lever, throw it to open another UW gate and swim back going L everywhere, till you can swim up in the corner where you entered this tunnel, go through the door and into the E water hole, swim R everywhere and come to the gate you just opened, swim up in the end of the new tunnel and get the Shotgun from the vase. Follow the rooms to and outside area.

The Labyrinth.

Go R and at the back of the sandy block is room to climb up, jump up to the E wall and go over the walls to the far SW corner where a ½ MP is hidden in a dead end passage, go out and go straight N, then L after you passed the Sarcophagus. On the small square is a hole in the floor, dive in and follow to a room with a deep water filled shaft, on the other side of it is a lever, throw that and the Ninja left a ½ MP, so pick that up before you return to the small hole E and swim back. In the far SE corner of the Labyrinth is another small hole with water, dive in and go past the gate you just opened and up to a room with a lever, that will open a gate in the bottom of that deep shaft you saw earlier.

The Hand of Orion.

So go back to the Labyrinth and to the NW corner up in the dark room and save before you hit the water, swim all the way down, into the W side hole in the bottom of the shaft and then into the small opening E, turn L and down through the opened gate, swim up in the end and get the Hand of Orion.

Swim back and up the long shaft, go swim back to the labyrinth using the E hole, climb out and one of the Ninjas leaves some Ammo behind. and go to the Big statues on the E side of the Labyrinth, leave through the dark passage and go to the water in the SE corner. Swim back, go R at the end of the sloped tunnel and then follow back to the wider room with the open gate to the L, go past the gate and into the opening N, up to the Room with Pools.

Go L and into the SW room to place the Hand in the back and a flyby will show you where to go next. Dive into the big pool and swim into the open gate, follow the tunnel to a small room with a CS and a ramp up W, go up the ramp on the L side and cross over to the R hand side as soon as the first Boulder passed to avoid the second Boulder.

1st Eye Piece.

In the big room on top of the ramp are some Ninjas, one leaves a MP and the other one Ammo. Throw a lever in the NW corner and go to the W side to find the 1st Eye Piece, then return down the Boulder ramp and get into the CS L near the Boulders, follow to the small room with the water hole, dive in and swim back to the Room with Pools.

Small UW Labyrinth.

Climb out S and go S, then L and to the SE water hole and swim E, just follow the tunnel, straight past the crossing and up in a dark room at the end, go up the sloped passage, down a drop off and up to another room with a lever, throw it and drop into the hole NW to land back in the Room with Pools. Go out S and head S and L to the SE hole, dive in again and go E, go R everywhere and come to a door you just opened. Go into the dead en passage to get Secret#2, the Uzis. Swim back going L everywhere and come back to the Room with Pools.

Dive into the pool, swim into the N tunnel and follow back to the Boulder ramp. Go through the CS and up the ramp, and find the open door N, follow through to a deep room with a pool below. Dive in and climb out S, get into the CS in the wall and follow the passage up to a room with a lever, throw it to open the UW gate back in the pool. So go back and you can use the pistols (shooting them gives a flash) to light your way if your Flares run out like mine. Go Back to the pool into the open gate and swim up behind the Golden pillar, find the opening in the ceiling and go up in a room with a lever, that will open a door in the place we go to now.

Room with the Pillars.

Dive back in and head E again, up to a room with 2 vases and the open door, shoot only the R hand vase for some Ammo and a Ninja for the ½ MP. Then pass through the door to another water hole, dive in and follow to a room with pillars, just behind the 3rd R hand pillar is a hole in the bottom and a small tunnel into the wall, follow to a room with a lever, throw it to open a door up W in the room with the pillars. Swim back and in the room with the pillars you can climb out in the S and go up the ladder, runjmp to a ledge W and climb up R, jmp the ledges to the ladder on N wall and go up. Do runjump/grabs to the E and finally to a ledge on E wall. Go R and grab the MS in the N, follow to the end and drop to a pillar, runjump/grabs to the door in the NW corner (didn’t use the last MS).

Follow the passage to some blocks leading down to the N ledge in the deep room with the pool below, follow the ledge, shimmy past the Lion and enter the next CS. Safety drop down the other side and slide down the slope forwards, quickly sprint to the end and L to avoid being crushed by a Boulder and follow the passage to a Spike-pit, just walk slowly up to the edge and a Boulder will be triggered on the other side. Runjump over the pit and go on to the end of the passage where another water filled hole is to be found.

Swim in and out in the N of the new room, go to the opening SE and go in to sprint up the Boulder slope and into the safe alcove to the R, wait for the Boulder to pass and go up, go to the edge of a Fire-trap and come to another Boulder slope. Sprint down on the L side and as soon as you see an opening in the ceiling almost at the end, jump up R and get away from the edge, go up to a lever and throw that, drop down the N side and you are back at the first Boulder slope, go N and see the Big doors opened N.

High Climb.

Go in, jump/grab the pole and slide down to watch a flyby… Shows you the lever you have to get to now, go to the far side of the room and a Ninja will leave a ½ MP. Return and spot the ladder on the pillar, go up and runjump/grab S, then jump around the R hand corner to the ladder W and go up, jump E and then N, follow the ledges to another ladder N. From the top go SE and go on S over the sloped sandy ledges. Climb the blocks in the end and go N again, cross over to the other side at a certain point and the last pillar NE is the one you saw in the end of the flyby, it has a ladder on the back (later). Runjump N and go up the ladder. then go to the S again and in the end is a MS to cross over to the W side, jumps and a MS will finally get you to the room with the lever (the last jump is a looong runjump with a grab at the last moment, a Ninja will leave a ½ MP.

The Hand of Sirius.

Throw the lever and get back to the S side, to the N again along the other side of the room and down the long ladder, runjmp to the pillar R of you (SE) and climb down the long ladder on the back of it. Climb the blocks in the passage to get to a room with the Hand of Sirius on a pedestal. Go out the other end and follow back to that high room, go S and back to the pole.

2nd Eye Piece.

Go up and backflip off into the upper room, go to the SW corner and into a newly opened door, follow to a CS up in the wall and go through to a passage with an alcove to the R, place the hand there to open the doors ahead, shoot the Ninja for the ½ MP and go to the open doors, along the R side up the Boulder slope and to the L after the first Boulder passed, go up to a similar room to one you visited already and shoot all Ninjas to get the 2nd Eye Piece from the pedestal E. Sprint back W, down the Boulder slope and L. combine the 2 parts of the Eye of Horus and open the big door with it, sprint in, chased by Ninjas and quickly get to that Jeep to take you back home….

End of this level.