The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

2The Gold Mine.

Level by Thibault [TC 14]

Walkthrough  Dutchy.

You need to have the save game from level 1 to play this level separately.

(Looks like the Guards in this level won’t shoot you as long as you don’t shoot them. They are quite rude but won’t hurt you, the Ahmets will not attack Lara too, at least not in my game, they just go on killing each other and you can watch the show. But… you can always shoot ‘m all if you want to)

Go around the corner to see 2 Guards having it out with an Ahmet (strange name for a creature like that). It’s possible he takes one of them out before he perishes. Go look for the crawlspace in the ice wall NW and crawl to the area where the one remaining Guard was in my case, grab a small medipack (the Guard dropped when he died) and open the old mine door E. Go in and meet another Ahmet near the next corner, the Guard(s) will come to scare him off to say the least.

The Cave-in.

Follow the tunnel down and at the crossing with the explosives crate in front of a Cave-in, for later, just go straight into the N tunnel, push the Mine cart onto the side track and follow the track going up N to come to the Main Crossing.

The Main Crossing.

Try to stand aside somewhere and enjoy the show as Ahmets are killing a bunch of Guards, or the other way around. Go to the E wall behind the pipes.

E side crawlspace: Scale Puzzle & 1st Detonator Card.

Behind those Pipes at E wall is a crawlspace up in the wall, go through and drop to a crate. Look for the door in the building and run of the crate quickly run jump into the opening at the door to avoid being squashed by 3 Boulders, the door needs an Access Card so go on S and into the room to the left.

The Scale Puzzle.

The floor is dangerous so Jump to the orange crate and over to the S to push the scale to the N Tile, a flame on the N track goes down. Go over to the N scale and pull/push it to the E Tile. Get Secret#1, some Ammo on the floor to the N of it and go to the S scale to push it to the S Tile, then the path is free for the other scale to be pushed all the way to the S Tile to and the door in the passage W of this room opened.

Jump back out from the orange crate and go left, push the mine cart from it’s place to get the Access Card  and go inside past the cart to get some Ammo, then return to the Boulder trap and open the doors to the building. Go in to get the 1st Detonator Card from the desk. return to the crawlspace and crawl back to the Main Crossing. Go around the pipes and back down that passage to the start.

Blasting the 1st Cave-in, Desert Ranger.

Go back into that tunnel you came into this area from (near that work-bench on E wall) and follow back to that crate with explosives, enter the small door to the left of it and place the 1st Detonator Card, the crate explodes and opens a new passage.

Go in and look for some Ammo in the corner behind those black pillars to the right, near the mine cart, follow the passage to a gate right where the Laser sight was before. Go on to the E and past the crane you have to Jump over the Main entrance tunnel, go past the Guards and open the small door to the right inside you’ll see a Yellow bottle behind a fence S (you’ll hear some Ahmets having a ball with those Guards outside). There’s a place where you can use the 2nd Detonator Card in the Circuit board W (later), go out and to the left to pick up the Desert Ranger, dropped by the Guard and go back to the W for now. Drop down in the lower tunnel where you Jumped over before and go N to follow the track to the Main Crossing again. Go to the SE corner.

SE corner passage: Laser sight.

Go up to the gate and in the S wall is an opening (nasty passage, Lara can get stuck IN the wall) to a room, go to the SW corner and drop backwards in the shaft in the floor, hang in the corner facing E and drop through the Drills, swim into the tunnel and time the swim through the Hack blades (along the bottom) around the corner, go on and be careful there are more of those nice blades…

Swim up to an old corridor, go E for the Ammo on the work-bench and then S to come to a small door open it and go left, follow to the Laser sight. Return and go into the N passage at the water hole. End up in a room looking out to the main Crossing, push the button at the fence and see in the flyby a gate opened in the SW corner (later). Go out the E passage and the door opens for you. Return to the main crossing and head to the E.

NE corner, E passage: 2nd Detonator Card.

Go up and keep a close eye on the left wall in the narrow passage to find a crack in the wall (just past the 2nd lamp), look inside from standing back against the opposite wall and shoot the swinging ball with the Desert Ranger and Laser sight, follow the passage up further and come to a wooden gate you just opened by shooting the ball. In the wider tunnel is a mine cart that has to be pushed under the yellow filler-tube in the end of the track, but first the fire has to be off, head into the S cave (notice the fire with the card next to the track). Dodge the 2 Ahmets and find a button in the end, push it to kill the fire on the track, go push the cart (so it can be filled with gold hopefully) and get the 2nd Detonator Card from the now extinguished fire S of the track, head back to the Main Crossing.

Blasting the 2nd Cave-in, Azoth Bottle.

Go back into that tunnel you came into this area from (near that work-bench on E wall) and follow back to where you blasted the 1st cave-in. Follow the tunnels, over the gap at the Crane and into that room to the right where you can place the 2nd Detonator Card in the Circuit board W, go out and to the E to follow the Ahmets to the Gold dig, some Guys are shovelling Gold there, watch them for a while (well… no more digging gold today). Go to the passage you can see in the SW  corner, go right and open a small door to get the Azoth Bottle. Return through the tunnels drop down into the lower tunnel at the crane again to go N, follow back up to the Main Crossing. Go straight and into the N passage.

NE corner, N passage-1: Excavation Area Key & Oxygen Bottle.

Push the cart past the fences so you can get past it, go up. To the right is what looks like a closed door, but you can shoot it out. Come to the big cave with a deep pit below and look to the right to see a blue swinging ball in the distance. Shoot it and a rope drops from the ceiling near that crane, for now you have to walk over the cable to the E side (in my case Lara’s butt went to the right every time she stopped, so I immediately release the forward key and hit the left key once as she stopped, then the forward again and that way it was pretty easy). Walk out onto the ledge NE and Jump around the corner into the passage there, open doors and follow to a dark room with the Excavation Area Key on the last desk.

Go back and Jump around the left corner, back to the wooden ledge. Go to the S and from the ledge there a run jump/grab to the rope, swing to the icy ledge in the SE corner and then run jump/grab to that corroded structure W, Jump up into the alcove the ball was in before and get the small medipack, run jump to the hanging platform and from there a Jump up to the container in the crane, turn W and run jump/grab the ledge in front of the opening, Go in and shoot the Guy with the shovel, go to the S side and find the Hack-blades. Between the 2 blades is a safe spot, so time the runs and just run off the last with full health, go down the passage and shoot another Shovel-guy. Find the ladder up to the right and go past the Drill-traps (stay on the right hand side) to the top, go under the next Drills to the room with the shelf and get the Oxygen Bottle from it.

Grab some Ammo in the corner and shoot the grey crate to get more Ammo. Look up in the SW corner and shoot the panel to get up in that passage, just past that wooden gate to the left is some Ammo and then slide back to the Main Crossing. Go left and enter the same NE passage for the second time.

NE corner, N passage-2: Carbon Bottle.

Go up to where you went to the right before and go up further, look to the right to get some Ammo to then right and open the Crowbardoor ahead. Follow all the way down to a crossing at a deep pit to the right and go left at the crossing first, shoot the panel and open the crowbar door. Inside is a shelf with Secret #2, some Ammo. Go back to the door and straight down to that lower part of the cave you’ve been in before, run over the bridge to the area beyond and shoot the crate left of the concrete structure (the Guard takes care of the Ahmet), climb the ladder and then up the next a bit, backflip to the opening behind and go out on the bridge, look left and run jump to that ledge on the icy wall, run jump/grab to the next one in the corner and now you have to walk over the thin cable.

Climb the left block on the other side and standJump/grab up to the corner of the building, go get the Carbon Bottle from the shelf and go to the E side, run off the platform next to the pipe and curve right to land on that bridge below, go down the ladders and to the bridge to go back to the Main Crossing. Go to the SW corner now.

SW corner  passage: Access Card.

Go in and it seems you can only go right at the next crossing (to the left is a gate to the passage where you got the Laser sight in the other end before) to come to an loading area with an opening E where you need an Access Card, go to the opening W and here’s a nice trap.

A bunch of Hack-blades, there’s a safe spot after the 1st 2 blades, so I stood back a bit and timed the (short) sprint along the right hand wall through the first 2 Blades, stop at once, turning left into the wall, so you don’t overshoot the safe spot and back up on the safe tile again, sprint the last set as the are up, around the corner is a cable walk over a fire pit (in my case Lara’s butt went to the right every time she stopped, so I immediately hit the left key once as she stopped and that way it was pretty easy). In the next room is a Guy shovelling coal, he will come for you swinging his shovel, drop him and grab his Access Card. Get back through those traps (this time you can just run through the last set as they go up in the right sequence) the same way and go up to that door in the E side of the loading area.

Well that door needs some oil, crawl under the Drills and push the button the next room to open the door in the W of Main Crossing. Go back through the drills and left, up to the wooden gate and out to the Main Crossing. Go straight N.

W side Door: Uzis.

Go straight to the open door left in the narrow passage between the crates and the wall. Enter the door and in this room is a higher part of the floor to the W, get the Uzis to the right at the fence and then go left to that receptacle for the Key you have, place it and the wooden gate you saw from the Uzis pick up opens up. Go out to the Main Crossing and left/left.

NW corner, W passage: Placing the Bottles.

Some Guards shooting Ahmets, and a work-bench with some Ammo, enter the open gate and come to a pool, open the door to the right and go to the end of the room where the receptacles for the 3 Bottles are. A door opens, go back out and to the left, near where you entered this pool area is a door open to the right, go in to push the button that will start the big Drill-device over the frozen pool and the water will be drained, go down the ladder and into the opening N to end the level…

Save before you hop into that opening as there will be a sequence soon…

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