Quest for the Roses.

1 The Sapphire Rose.

Level by Amber Lion.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Story of The Lost Roses.

Lara has received a letter from a secret admirer who is a world traveller and adventurer like herself. He tells her than in his travels he has discovered a dozen roses, each carved from a precious gemstone. The roses are hidden in a different parts of the world and represent each of the twelve birthstones. The author of the notes challenges Lara to find each of the dozen roses and if she can, will receive a special surprise on her birthday.

The Sapphire Rose is part one of a twelve part story. At the beginning of each level Lara's mysterious admirer will send her a new note, each one telling her where to go to find that month's birthstone rose.

Her first birthstone rose quest takes Lara to a mysterious castle hidden in the snow covered mountains. Somewhere inside is the Sapphire Rose. Her objective is to find and capture it, but the Ice Fairies and their cohorts may have other ideas.

CS=crawlspace, MP= med-pack, MS=monkeyswing, UW=underwater. Have fun!!

Level 1: The First Note.

Lara is at home and ready to go, but where are those Car keys? Check out the kitchen and find that even the bowls for the dog are ready. Go out side and find the First Note on the path, thereís also a Key, examine the note and go back inside, (shoot that Dog, he isnít very happy to see you leave) open a door in the W corridor and enter the Trophy room where the pedestals for all 12 Roses are ready and waiting. Go to the last one to get the Car keys and head back outside to that nice little Smart. Follow the road to where the level ends and load up the next level.

Level 2: The Sapphire Rose.

The way into the Ice Fairy Palace.

Shoot the fence and go R in the next square, get the Ammo on the block in the NE corner and a Ĺ MP in the SE, then go over to the SW dark corner to find the Jmpswitch on the back of the pillar, it will open a gate on top of the ladder on S wall. Go up the ladder to an icy cave, walk carefully to avoid being hit by those Icicles and fin the CS in the dark corner, follow to the Sword (Crowbar). Return through the cave to the ladder and runjmp out NW to the balcony, Open the gate on the other side using the Sword. Careful, Icicles drop, in this cave are a Ĺ MP in the L corner and a passage in the opposite SE corner !! Icicles!!, follow the passage to the Guardian Key and a reach-in switch to the L, that switch will open the Main Gate. Go back and drop from the balcony, shoot the Grizzly from a safe distance and enter.

The Ice Fairy Palace.

Go L into the hall and behind the red carpentry is a ladder up to a CS, follow to a ladder in a shaft and go up to the room with Revolver, Ammo, Flares (youíll probably need by now) and push the button to kill the fire in the fire-place of the room we go to next. Return to the hall and shoot the Dogs, enter the next room and find a switch in the fire-place, it will open the gate L of you, go in and notice a gate to the L and a ladder to a closed trapdoor in front, go up the stairs and to those blue doors to the L, there are more sleeping Dogs, they pose no threat now.

The Gates room.

Open the doors to the Gate room and see youíll have to collect some items first before you can go on here. Go back out and into the corridor with the sleeping Dogs, open the 1st doors L and get Ammo and a Ĺ MP L of the bed, on the other side is a chest with the Grenade-gun, pull a weapon, because an Ice Fairy sneaks up from behind. A few shots in the chest will do (as a horseman). Go out and L to the next doors, inside is some Ammo R and a trapdoor in the other corner, pull the statue twice from the trapdoor and open it, go down to get some Flares and Ammo and you can shoot the Skellie before you go for the switch in the other side (the switch opens the trapdoor near the stairs).

Go out and R, down the stairs, climb the ladder where the trapdoor is now open, pick up the Flares and look for a pushblock in the N wall, get the MP R and pull out the block, pick up the Gate Key. Shoot the Skeleton and a vase to get more Ammo. Get down and use the key on the S gate, next to the ladder. Go in and follow the slope to the entrance of the maze.

The Maze.

There are Goodies to collect and thereís a switch for a cage that has to be raised to get the next Key.

Just follow the passage with the wall on your right hand and donít run off if you meet the Ice Centaurs that guard the place, or youíll get lost, just stay where you are and 2 grenades (or one Super grenade) will do Ďm in.

What youíll find: #1: MP, #2: Ice Centaur 1, #3: the lowered cage, #4: MP go R at that MP and get #5: Ammo, to the R again twice and hereís #6, the switch, pull it to raise the cage and go back, straight for #7: MP, if you go on here youíll meet #8: Ice Centaur 2, go back and R, then R for #9, MP, go L and get #10, Ice Centaur 3 on your tail, go on and keep going R till you get #11, Ammo, turn back there and when you see a brown wall far in front, go 1st L, follow and go straight to the brown wall, youíll end up at the raised cage in the passage that bends to the R. Climb up the ice block in front to get the Key and go over the walls to the NW corner to drop near the entrance, so you wonít have to look for the best route again.

Head back to the gates room, youíll have to sprint down the slope as Boulders are on your tail and jmp into the opening at the gate, runjmp up to the 1st steps of the stairs and youíre safe. Inside go to the L gate and open it.

1st Gate.

Follow the passage to a long ladder up, safe on top before you take one step and see the horse in the distance, pull out the Revolver and sprint to the horse, as soon as the Ice Fairy shows up. Start to shoot her and probably she wonít even get on the horse, then pull the pistols and hop backwards in front of her shooting, she will drop and leave a Horsemanís Gem. Take it to the receptacle where the horse was and open the gate. Go in and get the MP, shoot the fences and the Ice door and enter a frozen place.

Ice caves for the 1st Ruby Cube  and Brass Key.

Go straight and along the R hand wall and a Yeti will come from behind, wait till itís close and give it a Super grenade, the go to the W wall and turn L, get a MP and go to the steps in front of a pillar, climb the pillar and go over the top, slide and jmp/grab the pillar in front, turn around and grab the overhead MS. Go all the way to the other side to get the Lasersight and Ammo.

Go back over the MS and drop on the sloped pillar, go to the ledge in the S. Climb up and run to  the gate, turn and use the Grenade-gun again on those 2 Yetis. Stand on the edge to the cave, looking NE youíll spot a swinging ball on the ceiling, shoot it with Revolver and Lasersight. The gate behind you opens, go in to get the Ruby Cube from the chest and look L with a flare to spot a crack in the wall, grab up and shimmy L to an alcove, turn and go to the other side using the MS. Get the Brass Key. Drop down and return to the ice cave.

The exit is NE, thereís another Yeti running around, so beware. Follow back to the square and cross over to the ladder N on the square, down and back to the Gates room. Open the R hand gate with the Brass Key.

2nd Gate.

Follow the passage to the Midget cave. Beware of the Icicles around the corner in the passage, to the R when you enter the cave is a MP, but itís a Death-trap. Just climb the ice block in front of the entrance and shoot some Bones to the L, the gate opens on the other side of the cave. Run off the block and it looks like Indy didnít make it here, because youíll have to fight an Ice Harpy. Some Midgets will come for you, take them out and enter the Puzzle cave.

The Puzzle cave for the 2nd Ruby Cube and Golden Star.

On the block are 3 big buttons and there are 6 gates to open, 3 x 2 combinations is 6 gates. Better follow this guide line, because if you try to shortcut here by opening the gate with the Golden Star first, the rest wonít open anymore. Inside is an enemy and a pickup and ladder to climb, so you can get back over the top floor (resets the buttons).

Letís go:

v     1: Left-Centre-Right, shoot the Ice Centaur, Ammo R and ladder L of the entrance, go up and hear the buttons reset, drop to the button block and go for the next combination.

v     2: L-R-C, shoot the Yeti, get a MP and climb, off to the R and go over the 1st floor.

v     3: C-L-R, shoot the Grizzly, get the Ammo and go over the 1st floor.

v     4: C-R-L, shoot the Midgets, get Flares and go over the 1st floor.

v     5: R-C-L, shoot the Wolf, get the Ammo and go over the 1st floor.

v     6: R-L-C, no enemy, go in for the 2nd Ruby Cube in the chest and the Golden Star on the wall to the L.

Return to the Midget cave and to the passage back to the Gates room. Place the Golden Star to open the big gate, turn to wait for those Dogs and the Ice Fairy.

3rd Gate, the Sapphire Rose.

Go down the ladder and go to the gate , place on of the ruby Cubes L of it and go in, get the Sapphire Rose from the pedestal (stand on a corner). Go to the dark gate in the N and use the 2nd  Ruby Cube to open the gate.


Quickly run around the corner before the burner starts and get a MP in the L alcove, sidejmp over the 1st Blade and get the Ĺ MP on the floor, stand on the R side at the 2nd Blade and go up close, turn to the wall and sidejmp L over the 3rd Blade, one more MP for you, go on like this to the gate that can be opened with the Guardian Key.

The Ice Dragon.

Before you enter, be sure to have the Revolver equipped with the Lasersight and your health is full, then save. Youíll come to a pool cave with an Ice Dragon, jmp in the pool and get a Ĺ MP where you land, swim L to get some Ammo, then swim back and notice a closed gate and climb out near the dragon, opposite to where you came in here, stand back to the wall and look up to the opposite side to shoot a Lions head. Now the UW gate is open, dive in and swim to North Pole Station, take the train homeÖ