Level by Miss Kroft

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater.

In the opening movie you see Jean Yves writing a letter to Lara. The content makes our Lara curious to say the least, with the 1st flight out she heads for Sweden.

Hereís what the letter said:

Dear Lara!

There is some interesting news. During some archaeological
excavations in Sweden, my team and I found the entrance to
a strange cavern.
What is really mysterious about it is that the entrance is
right in the centre of an old mansion.
The mansion is owned by an archaeologist who
recently disappeared without a trace and we think it has
something to do with the cavern. Unfortunately the government
got wind of the affair and immediately prohibited our stay there.
The whole mansion area was quarantined.
Lara, I don't feel good about sending you there, but I really
do have high expectations about this mysterious place. All
further instructions are on the attached papers.
Ah, and be careful!

Jean Yves.


Level 1: Lara arrives in Midgard.

Go forward to the next square, and left into the alley, climb the lower crates to the other side and look for the wooden door you can shoot, inside is a Baddie, that will try to clubber you with a spiked bat, shoot him to get his Key, return to the square and open the Gate with the Key, a Rat will be nibbling at your feet, kill it and open the R hand blue door on the Square, go to the flooded and frozen over Store room. Climb the blue crate and shoot out the grating in front of the duct in the N wall, climb in and follow to a hatch, stand with your back to L wall and jump/grab to open, climb in and get some ammo on the grated floor. Shoot out the wooden door and enter to pull the switch inside, a gate opens up behind the grating.

Now, head back to the Store room. Jump/grabbing will take you into the building with the broken windows. When you go out of the store room, go into the R hand passage, from the sloped floor part, you can open a hatch, climb in and enter the gate you just opened, go to the windows, shoot the 2 R hand windows and runjump to the passage on the building R, shoot the fence and go in, kill 3 Rats and a Crow that comes from behind. Open the R hand blue door and Lara will look R at a jumpswitch, pull it to open the gate in front of another duct in the store room and donít forget to take the ammo on the other side of this room, go out and R, pull the switch in the alcove to open the gate you can just see.

Head back to the Store room and on to the blue crate again jump/grab the grated ceiling and swing over to the duct over the flame, drop/grab the edge and pull in, follow to the wet store room, go L and to the corner where the steam blower is, run for the Revolver as the steam stops and get it, backflip at once and get out of there, hang from the duct over the flame, go L as far as possible and drop, go back to the Square. To the R of the closed gate is an alley, go in and shoot the grating in front of the crawlspace, while ducking and go in, climb the red crate and go into the gate you opened before, gat the Lasersight off the table between the paint cans. To the Square again and find the hole in the wall L of the gate, shoot the padlock in there with the Revolver, equipped with the Lasersight. The big gate will open, enter the Loading docks and climb the wooden crate in front, wait for a Baddie to come out of hiding and shoot him, turn around on this crate and look for the jumpswitch next to the entrance, jump with a R curve and grab it, a crate goes down, revealing a crawlspace.

Go R from the switch and look for the crawlspace in the E wall after you took the Shotgun the Baddie dropped. In the crawlspace you have to pull the switch to change the store room a bit. When you return there, a Crane is moving, go to the broken dark grey crate and look to S wall, there is a padlock in the hole in the wall, shoot it and the gate opens, go out and look around, that Taxi doesnít go anywhere, so we have to walk, go past it and R/R, shoot the Dog and look up behind the doghouse, there is a window up in the wall, shoot it and see the crack next to it. Find the pillar with the ladder opposite the crack and climb to the window L of you, backflip/roll/grab and shimmy L to the passage.

Follow to the Silver Key and go drop back to the street. Go L, past the Taxi to the gate, open it with the Key, go L into the alley and climb the blue crate, up the wall and get the Ĺ MP. Back down and down the hole near the blue crate, use the ladder, follow to 2 switches left, pull them both and go L into the room, get the flares in the adjoining room, shoot 2 Rats and jump over to the other side of the pool, climb out and go into the L gate, shoot the fence and go under the 2 drills, pull another switch in the alcove behind the 2nd drill and go back. At the pool, take the other gate and follow around the centre crate to a grating in the wall, shoot the fence and the grating and jump over the poison pit, pull in and shoot the other side grating, drop and go up the stairs, get the Ammo and now go into the Store room downstairs, shoot all 3 Baddies and get the Silver Key one of them drops.

On the high stack of crates near the entrance is a Ĺ MP, go to the S wall, stand next to the gate in the crawlspace and turn around, look up to find the Brass ball you have to shoot in order to open the gate Secret # 1, a MP and Ammo. Back out and to the yellow crate with the caution sign, pull it out of the corner and go use your key behind it. The gate behind the crate to your R opens; itís a passage back to the alley. Go back to where the taxi is and in the corner R of the store room door is a hole in the ground, fenced off, shoot the fences and climb down. Here are the gates you closed earlier, but that opened them to enter this side passage, follow to the passage R of the gate to the boiling pit and runjump/grabbing to the platform R at the switch, the switch opens big gates and turns off the electricity in the water. Turn around and notice the fuse box on the opposite side, runjump/grabbing back in to the entrance passage and go back to the street.

Make your way back to the passage with the drills and pull that switch again to change the position of the gates, so you can follow the other passage, leading to the big gates you opened.

Runjump/grab to the other side of the pit and runjump from the dark hill to the snowy hill to get the Uziís from it. Now go down the pit and get the Yellow fuse, go to the drill passage and use the switch again to change the position of the gates, go to the surface and over to the other hole, down to the boiling pit, jump with a L curve to the platform L to place the Fuse, the gate opens, standjump with R curve, grabbing at the last moment to land in the exit. Go R and R to climb the wall ladder, on to the grating R and turn to go to the shopping centre. Climb the Bubble Gum machine and runjump/grab the roof in the N and shimmy L to get a Ĺ MP, drop down and go E, through the gates R and shoot some Rats at the Popcorn machine. Go SE and follow to a Square, stay L as youíll hear a Boulder coming down, wait for it to roll to the wall and go on through the gates, jump over the electrified pool and turn L, runjump back over the pool to the dark corner where you see the flares, get them and push the crate to the L, pull the switch and runjump back over the pool, step aside from the switch first, or you will not make the jump. Go R and see the crawlspace open. Go in and R, shoot a Rat, (thereís Ammo at the steam, but it will take about all your health to get it, so be my guest) in the small courtyard, see the sand hill in the corner with the hole over it, stand with your back to the slope, as far L as possible and backflip/jump/grab up to the hole, pull out the guns and shoot 2 Baddies in the next room, watch out for the flames.

 L of the entrance is a switch in the corner, to open a gate in front of a crawlspace in the opposite corner, go have a look first. Pull the switch and the gate opens, backflip. Pulling the Revolver and run R a bit, till about the centre of the gate L, from here you should be able to hit the Brass ball inside the crawlspace. It will extinguish the flames in the alcove, so you can get the Coin from it to use in the Popcorn machine. Go back to the machine and put the Coin in. A heap of popcorn comes out of the back, go there and climb to the very top of it and standjump/grab onto the machine, runjump/grab to the yellow striped sun shade, turn R and not from the very top but a bit down, runjump/grab the next due S. turn r and runjump to the next, where the boulder came off. Follow to the snowy roof and to the windows, shoot them out and enter the room, gat the Grenades on the table and the MP in the corner opposite. Go shoot some more windows, you like that eh? Runjump/grab the roof over the gate and get the Keys on top, drop to the alley and shoot 3 Dogs, open the gate to enter the Villa.

Level 2: In The Villa.

Enter the kitchen R and shoot the Old Guard, find the grating in the floor and shoot it, climb down and go for a switch in the end, the cutscene will show a dry bath tub, go back to the hall and cross over to the other side, the bedroom, get some Ammo L and open the blue doors, drop down into the Tub and push the N wall in all the way. Get the Crowbar inside and also notice the Red door, go back to the hall and L, to the Dining room, saw the Snow outside? Cool! Go to the next room, the Piano room; take notice of the painting of the Lady watching a Balloon. Leave for the next hall and L in the corner is a receptacle for a Gem, donít try to outwit those Lasers!, better go to the stairs at the fountain, go up and shoot the Dog, a vase to get the MP. Go straight through the hall to the next room in front of you, look up R at the entrance and pull the jumpswitch, it will open the book case near the stereo, go in and in next bedroom is a keyhole R, remember!.

Go on to the stairs on the other side and down shoot another Old Guard and get his Key (he dropped it under a plant, had to crawl to get it). Return upstairs and to the bedroom where you saw the keyhole, open the linen closet and enter, shoot a Rat or 2 and the grating in the floor, drop down into a display, get the Gem and the Key. Get back up and push the crate in the centre of the room aside to gat the Shotgun from under it. Head back to the upstairs hall, L as you come out of the closet :^) There is a bedroom to the R, find the grating behind the plant, open it and go in, use the Key to open the gate, go up the ladder and from about 1 Ĺ square from the top, backflip into the passage, follow, open the wooden door and kill some Rats.

Pull all the crates from their spot to get the Ammo and find the grating to shoot, go in the crawlspace, down the ladder and follow it to Secret # 2, Grenade gun and Ammo. Go all the way back for the receptacle for the Gem, (downstairs hall) and place it. Now what? Go to the Piano room and look at the painting, see it changed, sheís pointing at the hole where the balloon was, go stand right under it and hop back till you are near the piano, you should be able to spot the Fuse box that caused burning the hole in the painting, shoot it and the Red door will open. Make your way over there and go in to leave the Villa.


Level 3: Hel the Rise of Beasts.

You drop into a water filled cave, look for the ledge to climb out in the NW corner. Follow the passage and go L and stay on the R hand side of the crawlspace and stand up as soon as you can if you go to far into the cave youíll get hit by the Stalactites, go get the Ĺ MP and the Ammo carefully. Go back and past the L hand pit with the gate, this one is for returning here later, in the next room, youíll see a Spider webbed Cave, stay on the L side as you go into the L passage and youíll never meet the big Spider here.

The Big Pit.

Reach the Big Pit with the wooden bridge, go over to the other side and R, to the end of the ledge, on the balcony on the wall is some Ammo and another Crowbar, jump over to get the stuff and runjump/grab back to hang on the side of the ledge you just came from, go climb R and down the ladder, turn around and see the wooden gates L, with an opening, runjump from the higher opposite ledge and grab the edge at the last moment. Go pull the switch inside and return to the ladder to climb to the big doors you just opened. Runjump back without grabbing, over the boiling water.

You will reach another pit with high pillars in it, take the R hand side and stand L and runjump/grab to the high pillar in front of you, turn L and standjump to the next, pull out the Gun, and look for the Harpy bird thatís coming for you. Runjump to the next pillar E, turn R and runjump to the next, wait till the Stalactites dropped and go on to the wooden bridge in the SE corner. Be careful when entering the passage there, Scissors will start to snap, run through and standjump over the spiketraps as you go on, 2 Hellhounds attack, kill them and get the MP in the reach-in wall at the gate overlooking the Pit. Go on to the slope and this looks like a great place to put some Boulders, rest at ease, not yet. Go down into the Spider cave and shoot 2 of them when you make your way over to the back all the time checking for Stalactites on the ceiling, find the crawlspace in the R hand back corner.

Go through to a lava room with slopes and a pole, runjump to the 1st slope and jump from this one to the next, jump again and grab the crack in the wall, go L to a sloped rock below and drop, jump and land on a flat block. Look up to shoot the swinging ball and standjump to the pole, turn around with your back to the opening and backflip in from the level you landed on the pole. Be careful. There are Scissors behind the entrance. Inside you can get flares and a Bronze Key on the steamy pedestal. Youíll loose some health. Standjump back to the pole and turn so you face just left of the opening you came from, get down a bit to the 2nd yellow line from the top and backflip to the block, now runjump back to the entrance ledge, from the corner of the block to the closest corner of the ledge, just make it if you donít grab.

Go back to the Spider cave and now you have to face those Boulders. Stand at the bottom of the slope and face the sloped corner R, jump to it and jump again to backflip, keep backflipping till you are in the safe, one Boulder comes after you so be careful not to stop too soon. Go up the slope and to the pit with the pillars, walk the wooden bridge to the end and standjumps will get you around to the pillar where you shot the Harpy, turn l and standjump over to the wall there, on the wooden walkway, get some Ammo R and follow it L run off the end and turn, shoot some Bats here and drop from the next end, jump around the corner and go to the keyhole on the other side. Runjump/grab into the opening and inside, run up the slope, be careful to stay in the centre of the slope, there are burners both sides, and a Beast, a Giant Spiked Wingless Bat of some sort, you can kill it with the pistols to save precious ammo, by back hopping and jumping over it, roll and back hop again. When it perishes, you can go look for the reach-in switch on W side to open a gate in front of one on the opposite wall, go use those E 2 switches.

Stand in the passage, with your face at the wall just next to the burner alcove and take one step back, now sidestep till you are in front of the burner, wait for it to go down and jump to it, use it and while Lara reaches in, hit the backflip arrows. The burner in the other reach-in is out now, go use it to open the wall in the N, go in there and look around the corner for a jumpswitch you can use to put out the flame at the last reach-in, go get the MP for all your trouble and back to the passage N, follow the passage up and youíll reach a room overlooking the Pit. The balcony is obviously spiked, look for a switch in the L corner at the entrance and use it to open a gate on opposite balcony in the Pit. Shoot the Swinging Ball inside. A gate open to the R of you, go there and drop from the edge, hang and drop to the crack below, grab and go L, pull up in to the crawlspace and follow this past the closed gate to the R, we saw before.

The next room has gates, a lock and Ammo, get the Ammo and find the block to pull out of the wall, put it in the alcove L and go in, push the next block till it is just next to the Spikes and go L, pull the switch and the Spikes are off, pull the block at the Spiketrap out once and go around, to the 2nd switch, pull and a block goes down, revealing the Silver Key. Get it and return to the room, use the Key on the lock and a gate opens in the Pit. Of course you have to go to the room right next to where you are now, but there is no gate open here, go back to the crawlspace and into the gate L which is open now, retrace your steps to the Pit again and go down to the bottom using the ladder. Head over to the NW corner and runjump with an R curve and a grab to land in the open gate.

In and around the Big Room.

Jump to the next room with a standjump/grab and enter the Flame room, thereís a pedestal we have to set on fire with a key for the lock on the N wall, lets go get it. Enter the Big Room N and take the L passage first, in the room with the pink slopes on both sides, get the Ammo behind both. Enter the next room, armed with the Grenade gun and Super ammo and shoot the Big Bloke up close. Get some Ammo on the ledge behind the pillars L and proceed through this passage, L up the stairs and shoot the 3 Hellhounds, reach a room with a Boulder on a slope, look in the NW corner for a crawlspace where you can get some Ammo, not much thatís true.

Go back out and down the passage under the slope, turn and pull the lever, jump forward and aside as the Boulder comes down. Then enter the passage again and jump to the wooden breakable walkway, run to the other side and jump onto he pillar, L is a Golden key for later, standjump to the walkway R and run, jumping to the stone ledge R, pull the switch and turn around, runjump to the walkway at the open doors in the corner and jump in to the opening, climb the ladder and over to the next room. Run towards the stairs in front and youíll trigger a Big Bloke from the R and a Spider in the front, backflip, pulling out the Grenade gun and blast them both with about 3 grenades. Take the Gem the bloke drops and look for the passage in NW corner at the entrance, runjump over the spike trap and place the Gem L, turn around and climb the ladder, watch out for the flame. Go pull the flame trick again, walk up to the wall next to the flame and 2 hops back, sidestep to the centre of the flame and jump forward as it goes down, reach-in and hold backflip as Lara has her hand in.

Go down the ladder and to the stairs, shoot the Spider that comes down the stairs. Look L for an open gate and jumpgrab in, follow to the ledge where the Key is, protected by Spikes, standjump over the 1st trap and walk up close to the 2nd, turn around and backflip on to the block, get the Golden Key and jump from where you stand over the Spikes when theyíre down, one more standjump over the next and get onto the bridge quick, run into the room, chased by Giant Mosquitoes, take them out, head up the stairs and into the Spiders liar, into the open gate L, climb the stairs and kill a Hellhound, when you reach a block, be careful, itís sloped, pull up and slide/jump twice to get over the pits, stop on the other side and get on your knees to crawl under the Spikes that pop out of the ceiling.

Now you come to a room with more sloped blocks, leading L to a closed gate, shoot the Swinging Ball in front of the gate and it will open. Standjump a little to the left, to the 1st slope, slide/jump 3 times, the last with a grab, to land in the exit gate. Go R and follow back to the Big Room. Go to the passage opposite the one you come out of and use the Golden Key to open the big doors, enter and go R/L and into the room with the Stalactites, go carefully to the Block in the back and climb it, jump to the higher one at the switch and pull it, a block rises in the adjoining room, go back there and climb the blocks to get to 1st floor. Follow the path to a set of Scissors, run through and find the big cage in the next room, look for a crawlspace and go in.

Shoot some Bats and go use the reach-in switches. A gate opens in the room below. Go back out the crawlspace and R, look for the jumpswitch to open a gate S in the big cage, go in and drop down to the big pillar, be careful not to land on the plant, get the Torch on the pedestal and backflip over the fence to one of the stairs, go put the Torch somewhere in the Flame room, where you can find it again and enter the N gate you opened, be careful to jump over the Spiketrap and get the Bronze key from the pedestal, now go stand with your back to the wall, facing the exit and runjump/grab in to it and go to the Flame room. Use the Bronze key to get the Flame on the pedestal going and light your Torch at it, donít get too close or youíll burn.

Return to the Big Pit and over to the doors in the S, light both big oil lamps next to it, donít get too close and enter the open doors, jump in the pool and go R, climb out and follow the path to the town of Asgard.


Level 4: Asgard.

Shoot both vases next to the W gate and it will open. Run through the Spider webs and get them out of your hair, go R in next Hall and pull the jumpswitch on the pillar L, the gate on other side opens, go there and it looks like you can only run in, when you walk you get stuck under the gate, so first go have a look where you have to go, the ledge R is your goal, line up and jump back, to just inside the hall, runjump/grab with a R curve to the ledge and runjump over to the next L, runjump/grab from the lower side of this one to the corner, turn L and jump/grab up to hang on the slope above, pull up and backflip/roll, slide/jump, slide jump/grab the ledge in the centre of the room, hang and shimmy L, pull up next to the Spike trap.

Hop back immediately and go back to the R, wait for the Spiked Boulder to pass and get back on, up the slope and on to the L ledge, standjump/grab the corner ledge and turn L, the Spider walks the web above, but canít harm you, jump to grab the web and go over to the ledge on the S wall, turn l and runjump to the corner where you can see the Bronze Key. Go get it and walk L to the green beam, drop off the ledge and shimmy l all the way to an alcove with a switch. Pull it to raise a block in the Hall. Go back past the green beam and pull up, from here a standjump over the spike trap to the Spiked Boulder slope and one more to reach the lower ledge, runjump to the exit with a L curve and grab the last moment to land inside.

Climb the block and use the key on the lock there, the other gate opens, go through to reach a Yard with a big reservoir. Go to the far NW corner and get some Ammo next to the slope, look S and spot the Lionshead on the balcony, shoot it to open a Gate up in the E wall. Go to the small alcove at the small roof there and stand looking at the pillar S, backflip onto the small roof and jump/grab the higher in front, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the roof behind, get the MP and enter the passage, runjump over the spikepit and around the corner youíll hear and enormous Roar!!!, Shoot you Giant opponent :^) and follow the passage to a balcony, run into the hole in the end and pull the switch, go back to the Yard. Jump into the reservoir and down to the bottom N side, swim into the Crack and find the ceiling lever on the colored tile.

The double gate in W wall opened, go through and shoot 4 more giant dwarfs go in to the passage in NE corner and follow to a lever, pull it and see the push block L of the lever, push it all the way in, turn L and push that one in, go R and push the block in the end in all the way, turn SW and get that block to the W wall, the passage behind it has another block L, go push that one in to the place between first 2 blocks on W wall, now look in the passage to the lever opposite the R passage for the last block pull it out twice and go around, enter to get Secret # 3, a supply depot. Get all and go back to the Dwarf pit, a block appeared next to the pillar with the switches, go pull Ďem both. The gate down opens, pull R switch inside and go carefully over the Spike trap into R passage, pull switch there and back over the Spike trap, R and the next room is very nice.

Timed gates and Lionheads.

To the L and R are 2 holes in the wall with flames in front, behind the gates inside are Lionheads, you have to shoot these to open the gate in the L corner, 2 switches on the balcony in front will open the other 2 gates, timed that is, L switch R Gate, so of course R switch l gate, inside you can pull switches to open the gates in the burning holes so you can shoot the Lionheads. So here we go, stand in front of R switch on balcony, pull/roll, runjump curved R and run into the open gate, runjump over the spike trap and to switch R corner, pull, sidejump L to the trigger tile for the exit and runjump out , R/R and donít get too close to the hole or youíll burn, shoot the head with pistols and go to the L switch on the balcony, pull/roll and runjump L curve into the L gate, runjump past the Chain to the L corner and pull the switch, sidejump R and roll, runjump to the exit and L/L, shoot the head. The gate opens.

Go in and a Spider will come from behind, just run into the water or kill it, itís up to you. Swim under the Secret supply room to the other side. Climb out and shoot some Bats, when you shoot the box there to get the Ammo inside, a Viking will attack from behind. Stay out of the way of his Axe.

The Big Pool Room.

This room has 2 pools, one in the front room, and one in the back room, a Star receptacle where you shot that box and there are 2 vases you can shoot, N and S in front room, they will reveal 2 keyholes, one more Star receptacle is on the S wall, front room. Under water in the front room are 2 gates and a ceiling switch in the NW, go pull that one, itís on the Star tile. This opens a gate in the back room pool, S wall. Swim in and go carefully around the corner, there are 2 sets of Canopeners, time the swim through and reach the hole up. Kill some Bats and in the next room is a switch in the NE corner alcove, pull and hop back, turn L and runjump onto the block that raised, runjump through to the NW corner pillar, pull the switch and hop back turning L, to end up with your back to the wall, runjump to the pillar raised in the SW, take one step forward as you land and standjump/grab the crack in the S wall, go L all the way to an alcove with a switch. Pull the switch and roll/run forward a bit and standjump onto the block runjump/grab right away to hang on the monkeyswing. Go follow it to a crack in the wall, drop/grab and go R, to the 1st Star. Get it off the wall and drop back to the floor, go back to the Pool Room. This Star goes in the receptacle in the front room, SW corner. It will open the gate below in the pool, swim down and in, follow to the Bronze key, this one goes above in front room where the vase was. Swim to the E side and get out at the big doors in the back room. Look back to the front room and R, between the 2 rooms is a Brass ball, shoot it.

The last underwater gate in the front pool is open. Go swim in and get out in a dark passage, go E and over the trap in the corner, run fast into the L room, as a Spiked ball will come down. Go to the opposite side and R into the passage, stand in the lower part of the floor and youíll see a ladder above, turn with your face to the passage and backflip/jump/grab to the ladder, go up about 4 steps, backflip into the passage behind you, pull the switch and go down again. In the room is a gate open to the l, find the jumpswitch to kill those Spikes you saw.

Now you can climb the ladder to the top and pull the switch to raise a block in the room below, go there and climb up to a room. Go to the 2nd Star but first turn around to shoot the Viking sneaking up on you. Head back to the Pool Room to place this 2nd Star in the Receptacle outside, where you shot the box, remember? The gate next to you will open, follow the passage through the Canopeners, (Stand close to them, with your back to them and backflip through) donít enter the R hand alcove, and youíll reach a room where you get a cutscene of the room ahead. Arm with the Revolver as you have to draw it quickly later on, go climb the wall ladder and go all the way up and L, hang there and Save. Backflip and release action, jump at once, from the slope behind you, with a L curve to grab the edge of the wall. Go L and line up, so you will land on the L side of the ledge below, pull up, slide and pull out the Revolver, youíll land on the ledge below. Aim quickly to the R hand back side of the room, the Brass ball has to be shot quickly to stop the Spike traps being activated. When you are successful, you can go over the ledges with standjumps to enter a room with a pole, climb it and be sure to go high enough to backflip into the alcove with the jumpswitch. Use it and runjump back to the pole, down and to the gate you opened, be careful when entering the room, Thorís hammers will crush you. A Viking will be guarding the Silver key you have to get from here, take the goodies in the box and vases and go around the corner, shoot the Viking and take the Key. Find the Brass ball to shoot and a gate opens to take you back to the Pool Room. Go to the Keyhole in the front room and use the key to open the Big Doors in the back room, 2 Vikings will welcome you as you go there, take the Key that one of them drops. Open the next gate with it and follow the passage to Fenrirs Shelter.


Level 5: Fenrirs Shelter.

(Save some Revolver ammo, about 4 rounds minimum for later on in this level.)

In this ice cave you have to find the well hidden crawlspace in L wall, shoot out the ice wall and go pull the switch inside to open the gate, enter the gate and you are on ground floor of the room where we will end this adventure, go L at the fountains and up the stairs, an Icy Demi God attacks from the alcove R, stay L and low on the stairs and jump up to shoot grenades in to his hideout, see them roll in nicely. When heís gone, go up and R, notice the gate in L corner, go to the wall ladder, youíll be back here a few times, climb up, see the Star receptacle and turn around, runjump to the platform, shoot the Dog.

Use the Crowbarswitch in the L corner, go back down the ladder to the gate and inside, watch out, a sliding pillar wants to crush you, jump into the L alcove behind it and use the jumpswitch, now the gate on the other side of the moving pillar is open go in there with a diagonal runjump and shoot the Vase switch, go back out and R, climb the ladder in next room, onto the block and to the room above, use the switch in the SE to open the gate, drop down to the Courtyard and go over to the far L corner to get the Ĺ MP and use the switch, a gate opens on the other side of the frozen pool, go in and shoot the tiny spider, donít slide down yet, jump into the L window alcove to get the MP.

Now dive into the pool and pull the underwater lever on S side, roll and swim to the other side fast as you can, get out and jump off the spike trap, in next room, climb the pole past the Saw blade when you think itís safe, (youíll get a little hurt anyway) go on to an Ice cave, shoot a couple of Dogs, go on to the crossing, later we will go L, now we head R, watch out for Stalactites again and some more Dogs and Bats, find the pit L side at the drop off with the Stalactites and go down the ladders, shoot more Dogs and Bats and go on till you get a cutscene at the Pyramid, go forward in S direction and shoot a Dog, go in to l passage and R, jump the Spike traps and follow the passage up to a room with a switch, shoot Dogs and return to the Spiketraps, go over and into the other passage straight on, kill a Dog and follow up to the gate you opened, runjump to the pyramid and climb to the top,

Pull the crowbar switch and see the gate open, look around you to see the 4 gates with balls to shoot, thatís why you needed those 4 rounds of ammo, shoot the first ball behind the open gate and then the rest, shoot the Dog below from above and go down and back to the Cave, shooting another Dog on the way, when you climbed the ladders, go l down the cave, watch out for Stalactites and go down to the gate you opened. Find the Silver Key and some Ammo. Now itís time to go back, all the way to the 1st crossing in the Cave, this time take the other side passage, kill some Bats and climb the ladder, see the Snowboulder hanging over the slope, it will come down as you are at the bottom of it, so sprint to the end of the cave and R, use the Key to open the gate.

Now you are on the 1st floor of the Courtyard, follow to the end and climb into the crawlspace L, Save as soon as you can stand and slide into the timed room, Corkscrew ceiling coming down as you are pulling 4 switches in the corners, ignoring the Bats for now, no time but as soon as you left the room, shoot the little critters, climb the ladder and on top of the Corkscrew room, you still have to be careful, the floor will eat your health away, runjump to the switch in the corner and pull it quick, the Corkscrews stop, now check your health and get the MP on the floor, Look for the hole in the wall where you can see a gate going open and shut, with a ball switch behind it, shoot the ball to open the next gate. Monkeyswing over the flamepit and drop at the crawlspace, crawl back to the 1st floor Courtyard and runjump/grab over to the snowhill under the opened gate.

Stand on the side of the gate and jump in, backflip immediately as a Boulder will come out, now go in and shoot the icewall, climb down the shaft and get into the water, swim to a room with 2 underwater levers, one on each side R + L. Pull Ďem both to open the gate to get the 1st half of the Stone Badge, go back and take some Ammo L of the exit. Go back to the 1st floor Courtyard and go R at the snowhill, runjump from the corner of the balcony to the exit of the courtyard, to the gate you entered from. Go back to the ladder at the Star receptacle.

Go L and up the stairs L, follow to a big room with a deep pit in the centre. Stand on the little mount under the E ledge with the Oil lamp and climb on, turn and runjump to the ledge at the wall, R and jump/grab the ledge under the wooden beam, spanning the room, monkeyswing to the other side and drop at the wall, youíll land on a newly raised block, climb into the passage and go up the ladder, backflip as soon as you see the floor behind and run over the wooden beam and keep the Grenade gun ready to shoot the Icy Demi God to the R, (you can stay on the beam, the low part and jump up to shoot the Grenades over the edge, to keep out of the range of the Demi god) shoot a couple of Tiny Spiders and pull the switch in L corner.

A Block rises in the adjoining room below, go back there and on the R side of the pool is the block, climb into the crawlspace R and push the vases to the tiles under the torches. Jump over the ladder to the S room and use the switch in the pit to flood the deep pit in the big room, go over there and dive in, swim into the S passage, at the crossing R and up, get the Ĺ MP, back for air. Again go in and take the other tunnel at the crossing, up and L, to a big room, look in the mirror to see the airpocket in the top centre of the room, thereís a passage in the N wall you can also find by looking in the mirror, go in and get the Bronze Key. Swim back to the big room and go to the room with the pool and use the Key on the lock L, go out the door and now you reached the room where that Golden Star is we need, climb the blocks to get it and return all the way to the receptacle for it.

The gate to the L opens when you place the Star. This is the 1st floor of the room where the level started. Go around the N side and past the receptacle for the Stone Badge, enter the passage in the W wall. A snowy cave leading to an Ice palace, on the hill. Climb the L side to the top and go R, climb the slopes to the flat ledge against the N wall, stand against the R hand, face to it and pull up, backflip and jump on to the snowbridge. Go over to the Palace and runjump into the R hand room. Pull the switch on the wall and go back to the bridge, jump into the L room now , careful, a Blade swings in front of you, pull the switch inside and back to the other room, into the S passage and down the ladder, go E and pull the switch, go in and kill the Fire Dragon. In the room is a switch to pull.

Go back to the passage and jump over the ladder to the other side, a Spike trap is just inside the room, jump diagonally over the corner of it into the room. Youíll see a jumpswitch over a set of Spikes L, how do we get up there? The wall to the R of the Spikes seems climbable, go up and over the jumpswitch, drop and grab, and as soon as you did that, the Spikes go down (Phew!) and also the flames at the last switch, pull it and a gate opens in the big passage S of the ladder. Go there and be careful, the Spike trap at the exit is still very much alive! When you enter the s passage at the ladder, 2 Fire Dragons attack, take care of them and look for 2 sloped passages in S wall, hop back into them to the second square and run out fast, and out of the way of those Boulders.

Now go up into one of the passages and climb down the ladder in the end, to the ladder going down into a room, the floor looks cool, but will kill you instantly when you step on it, from the lower ledge, a runjump to the ledge in the NW corner and climb along the wall to the L, backflip from just above the floor onto the ledge there and pull the switch, look over to the centre of the room and see the Gem. Go back there and get it, climb back up to the Fire Dragons and look for the gem receptacle on the wall with the Spike blocks, put the Gem in to kill those Spikes and go up to get the 2nd half of the Stone Badge. Now itís time to head back to the room with the receptacle for it and combine both parts, place it and the gate behind you opens, go out and follow the passage to leave for the London Mansion and a nice Hot chocolate in front of the Fire place.

End of these nice levels.