Tomb Raider A Series.

                                      Part 2- The Father. (level 7/9)


7- Rhatech, The Oppressor.

Drive the Bike around the E wall and into the next hall, go R and wait for 2 TE’s to team up so you can run ‘em over, race through the centre of the 2 Sentry-guns and to the end L side, hop off the Bike and jump on the wall, jump to a slope below and slide down. You’ll find a big Garden SW, go N from the garden and see the Huge Wheel, drop into the trench and go L to a pool.

Cutters, Burners and the New RHA Shining Star.

Walk the ledge N and dive in forward, swim inside and look L for a MP, go on to the end and R, pick up another MP and swim into the L hole with the Presses. Sharp L and down to get under the Cutters and get a MP on the bottom, you can always go up for air between the Cutters or along walls. Find the 1st Eye-scanner on wall and let Lara’s eyes be scanned, a gate opens and a Croc is released, swim up and between the Cutters, get air and then go along the E wall on the surface, sharp around L corner and see the Croc coming, dive and swim into the E tunnel, R and to the end to use the 2nd Scanner, turn back and swim under the gate, L down for a MP, turn S and swim through the Press in the wall, up L and get out on a ledge.

Look L and get the MP’s, return to the low ledge and see a Jumpswitch on S wall in this room, you have to runjump to the burning ledge, (be sure to have full health before you start) land on the most R hand side, turn L quick, hit “9” to take a MP and then a runjump/grab to the Jumpswitch, hit “9”  again while hanging, or you will not make it. Swim around a bit to find Flares (SE) and a MP, then go W, into the small passage, stay on the surface and along the R hand wall, no harm will get to you then, swim to the low ledge past the 2nd Cutter and get out, find the lowered block in the N wall and grab the New RHA Shining Star (a block raises in the pool) and get back out.

The Wheels.

Swim back to the pool and go all the way around N to climb the block, up the brick wall and to the Wheels, go past the wheels to the alley between the last wheels and throw the switch, go back and around the wheel to the L, into the passage where a gate opened, follow to a passage L to the top of the pool, jump to the rock R and climb the rocks to the top, there’s a cable ride. With a burner in the end, count the time it’s burning, for me about 6 counts and I went down at count 2, and the flame was down when I got there. A platform raises in front of you, walk on it and see the bridge in front. Turn R on the platform and climb the brick wall, backflip to a dark ledge and grab the Ammo, Lara looks at some cables on the bridge.

The Bridge.

 Runjump/grab over to the cables and go L all the way to where you get shot by the Guns, go on L and along the burner ledges to a flat one at the wall, slide down the other side and pull the switches, a block raises at the Pyramid, runjump down to the sloped side of it and go S, climb the backside of the pillar and runjump to the Jumpswitch, the block goes up one more time, then climb up again and jump/grab the wall on the bridge, go slow and careful up there and you can take out the Guns from here. Go get your Bike and run it into the trench S, the gate will open for you.

Burner jump.

Go have a look around the corner to see what awaits you, from the corner of the passage you have to go in a straight SE direction and try to land on the most L side of the burner block, just passed the burner and into the spot at the grey blocks, get off and hop into the water if you happen to burn like a candle. Get into the water anyway because there are 3 levers to throw, a block rises in a room under this pool, go back to the Bike and get up on the ledge with the grey blocks, go S and down the ramp on other side, into the SE pit, get the Ammo and go NW, find that block inside the structure in the centre of the room and hop on, jump up and you swim again, use the Scanner to open a gate and the exit from here to the pool, go to the Bike again and see the gate N of it. Runjump/grabbing into the gate and go down, follow to the Pyramid.

The Mirror room inside the Pyramid.

Climb the ledge L of the entrance, where the pole with the burning pedestal is, next to it in the corner you can pull a pillar to the brown Tile, go around to push it on and you will be taken up, side step L to the corner of the ledge and look above the pole, see the Jumpswitch on the block, turn facing NNW and backflip/jump/grab the switch, drop down to the floor while the pole in the N end of the room appears. Go over there and see Lara being cloned. Stand on the SE corner of the lever ledge at the pole, face the pole and take one step to it. Now standjump/grab and if you were in the right position, you will not get burnt, go up and backflip to the pillar, do the same as on the other side and a block goes up at the S lever. Go there and throw it to open the trapdoor on top of the ladder between the 2 levers, go up the N side and the clone comes up with you, hey where did she go? Throw the lever in the top room to lower the blocks at the Bike.

Back on the Bike.

Go back there and drive it down the ramps after you took the MP’s. Pick up another MP at the bottom of the ramp and go to a passage in N wall, the gate will open on approach, leave the Bike at the 2nd  passage R and go on foot to the third passage, over the blocks and into the Cutter room. Sidestep into the alcove with the Cutter and stand in the corner, hop back and turn to the Jumpswitch, standjump/grab and duck, crawl out and go into the next alcove for Ammo, go S and over a block to the next Cutter, hug the wall and sidestep to the Jumpswitch, use it and head S, over the block and get some Ammo, a TE comes around the corner, go get a [b]MP at the last Cutter and go to the gate on the ledge to throw a switch N side, a door opens near the Bike.

Go all the way back, you can pass the Cutter in the big room by going up the slope next of it and slide down the other side and into that door, a [b]Laser-trap protects the pickup, shoot the R hand grey Bar and it will shatter. Go get the [b]Luminous Beams. If you want to play it clever and go around the L to avoid the Laser, gates close around the pedestal (sneaky!) A set of blocks lowered when you took the Beams. Go to the Bike and N, the blocks go down on approach, drive straight into a room and R, go to the centre of the pit under the [b]Spike roller and drive into the pit, climb out and find an [b]Electric Circuit near the Gas cylinders E, a block lowered there. ( a door opened in the Garden)  Go out of the room and R up the wall, drop on the other side, next to the gate, roll and run over to the ladder, Crocs run around here, if they are not close, jus let them be and go W, past the Wheels, L up the grey wall and to the S side of the Garden.

Enter the room next to the L Pump and place the Missing Circuit in the Circuit board, the Pumps start and you’ll see blocks raise under a receptacle in the Pyramid. Go out and to the Pillar at the base of the Pyramid, you climbed before, get up on the bridge and turn R, into the opening you went in with the Bike, jump in the pool and swim to the gate NE to reach the  Mirror room, climb the ledge W and place the combined New RHA Shining Star and Luminous Beams. A flyby will eventually take you to the hill in the Cutter room and a trapdoor opens up in the wall. So go back out to the pool, jump over to where the ramps are and follow the passage you went before with the Bike, go into the 3rd passage R and past 2 Cutters and up the slope you used to go past the Cutter before, turn around in the end and jump on the higher E slope. Into the niche in the wall and climb up to the shown passage, L and R are 2 walkways to the pyramid. Climb down the brick walls on each side to use both Jumpswitches. The Statues in the Mirror room will be activated and drop Spiked balls on a kind of windows.

Go back to the Cutter room and to the passage you drove with the Bike, go S and find the 2 spots where the Spike-balls hit the floor above, under the vegetation are the [b]Reconciliation and [b]Confrontation, go S and back over the ramps to the pool, NE gate into the Mirror room, up the W ledge and 2 blocks lowered, revealing the receptacles for the 2 artefacts, place them and see the Bike being shredded. Head back to the pool, dive in, swim SW and climb on the brown slope up to the bridge, jump down to the pyramid from the R hand side of the brown ledge just before you reach the bridge, go N and past the Wheels to the trenches with the Crocs. Shoot them and swim into the S trench, L into the room where the Bike was shredded and find the room destroyed, only luck you have is that the lever, which was on a burner floor, is now accessible. Throw it to open a trapdoor in the other trench, swim to the Croc trench and R into the next red fence, the trapdoor is a bit further on, go down in and the current will take you to the next level…


Level 8:

Site A, - New RHA Shining Star.

The Egg Room.

Stay high up in the tunnel and see a closed golden trapdoor, try to get into it (you can swim upstream, although slowly) and break the surface to get air. Save here and swim forward to end of tunnel, around the cage and find the Iris Scanner on the L wall around the 3rd R turn, swim into the wall and upstream till you are about in front. Hit “Ctrl” and be scanned, go back to the trapdoor and swim up. Climb out and follow the steps up to another tunnel and reach an enormous water room (Egg room), with a huge Egg like thing in the centre, swim R along the N wall and find the Iris Scanner NW, use it and swim R and up a bit to find an open trapdoor in the end of that tunnel.

The Big Hall.

Get out and follow to a Big Hall, on top of the Egg room, there’s a gate in N wall, next to it on a yellow pillar is a MP, go S and see the 2 huge machines in the workshops E and W climb over the ledge with the white eyes S and come out to the Ramps.

The Ramps.

Big slopes going E and W, go down W and follow past a blue circle room to a room with a Crossbow behind glass, go on W and come out in the lower part of the Big Garden, E is a pink walkway, get on it and go to the Statue room E of here.

The Statue room.

There are 4 Jumpswitches here, 2 of them out of reach in the S, look on the highest part (N side) of each machine in the centre of the room and go up to use those 2 Jumpswitches, a gate opens back in the Garden, W side. Head back and jump around the L side of the tree from the pink walkway and go over to the room W, shoot the grey part of the covers on the Jumpswitches on the pillar to use them. A gate opens, up SW in the Garden. So get down to ground floor of the garden and up the NE passage follow back up to the Ramps and up the slopes to the E, find the ladder R, climb it and up the L block, make a U-turn to the W and go up the slope (remember this spot, S of here are the Animal cages), over the greenish ledge and down the wide passage to the top of the Garden, drop to the metal ledge below (look up E and here is another entrance to the Animal cages) look for a dark yellow ledge W, sticking out into the room and jump over to it, run down the L side and slide, jump with a L curve to hit the top of the tree, grab the edge on sliding off and shimmy L to the MP, grab it and go over the top to the W, slide to a ledge and jump over to the roof of the Jumpswitch room. Go L and get some Flares (the first?), runjump/grab into the open gate S. Slide down the slope, don’t use a flare, not necessary and land in…


Level 9:

Site B, the Cathedral of the New RHA.

 Slide down the next slope to the Cathedral area, a Demigod awaits you, take him out and go around the cathedral L to the white Face in the air, ( it announces the coming of New RHA the Mighty) go behind (S) the Shining Statue E of the Face and climb the blocks, there’s a gate in the S wall which will open on approach.

The Pool room.

Inside you can go over to a pool in the NW, watch out for burner tiles and dive in, into the centre hole and E side, to get the Ammo. Climb back out on the brick pillar over the water and jump to the sloped part W, grab the edge and shimmy to W ledge, go back to the entrance and look for a hole in the grated floor over the Red pool. Drop in and slidejump to a ledge going E. Get safely past the Presses ( run through and jump over the corner to avoid the burner tile) and spot the Jumpswitch on S wall, runjump/grab and hold jump while you get a screenshot of the trapdoor opening, to get back on the ledge. Turn W and runjump over the sloped burner tile, hop in the pool and find the hole up in NE corner, throw a lever inside and dive back in, swim out, R/R and back to the first pool, a brick wall goes up where you got the Ammo before, climb back up the pillar and head for the exit to the Face.

The Sphinx.

Head to the Sphinx area N and around the L side of the pillar with the ladder to the NE corner, climb up to a ledge with a MP and runjump into the ledge between the N ladder and the brick pillar, turn around and jump to the S ladder, go down to the lowest point from where you can backflip/roll/grab the N ladder go up and get a MP before going S. In the end of the walkway is a lower ledge sticking out E, from here, jump/grab the ledge E and follow the passage to a hole in the floor, get a screen of a block below in S wall.

Top of the Pool room.

Go over the hole and backwards out of the W opening, grab the slope and go R, to the centre of the window over the slope, backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind and go L, and up on the brown wall R on the lower part. Follow the Ramp down and get up the L brown ledge, there’s an opening in the N wall, jump around the corner and up to the hole, get through the small gap and get a MP, throw the lever and see a gate open up, also the block in the wall near the entrance of the Pool room opens. Jump back to the Ramp and to go to the N, drop from the NE corner to the ledge below, runjump to the opening, you won’t make it, just slide and grab the edge, drop onto the grey slope below and head for the exit of the Pool room, go R and into the open brick wall, up the wall in the end and go R when you got up to the top.

The Egg room.

In the end is the room you opened, go in and shoot the 3 Eggs N and shoot the Harpies. A wall opened in the SW, get into the dark pit and find the Jumpswitch, climb the E wall and backflip/roll/grab to use it. (A block goes up at the pole on the Ramp)

Up the Pole.

Go back to the hole in the floor N and shoot the Demigod, get the MP and drop out to go over to the Ramp again, down to the low part and jump/grab the pole go up and from one square from the top, face the Jumpswitch on the E wall, backflip to land on the block you raised, grab the MS over it and go E to use the Jumpswitch there, a block lowers in the Blade pillar, go L to the N fence and stand on the low grated floor E of the Blade pillar.

The Blade pillar.

Runjump/grab and land on the pillar at the pedestal with the MP, duck as soon as you land and stand up to get the MP in a safe moment, duck and climb back off the pillar, hang and go around the L corner the wall is climbable here. What I did was hang on the L side and wait till one of the blades went by and count 3, then pull up and runjump/grab to the pillar on N wall, go up and L into the window, go W and Lara will look down at a MP. Standjump there from standing against the W pillar and curve R, stand facing NW so your feet are on the flat part before picking up the MP, then spot the shining Break ledges out in the main area.

Break ledges, Buggy Car Key.

Stand facing out and sidestep R as far as possible, then turn L to face along the edge in the cracked ledge, runjump with a R curve to the 1st ledge (if you happen to fall short, turn L a bit before the jump so you really jump from the flat part of the ledge), sidejump L twice, standjump forward to the next, a running jump/grab to the dark one, pull up and a runjump/grab to the last ledge, hang L a bit and pull up, runjump/grab the brick Pillar a bit L and climb down as a gate opened there. Go to the end of the passage to get the Buggy Car Key.

Get the Garage open.

Return out and climb back up the wall you came from, go R at the crack (only possible when hanging) and pull up in the CS, drop on other side and here’s another ramp, go W and R till Lara looks up at E wall, climb in the opening, R around the corner is a Jumpswitch, stand on R side and run off onto the slope below, slide and jump to the R to land on an opposite slope, slide back and jump/roll/grab the wall. Are you over the crack, just go up, are you under it, L and up to the switch, drop/grab and immediately jump/roll/grab to land in the water below, find a ledge SW to climb out, jump/grab the wall at the steam blower, go up over the sloped dark ledge L and drop/slide/grab, go L and pull up on the flat part. From here you can runjump/grab to the block with the MP. Shimmy R and pull up around the corner, take the MP and jump back down in the water, over to the SW ledge again and up the ladder, this time all the way into an open trapdoor, go up to the burner tile, climb L and up to hang L over the sloped floor, drop and jump/grab, to grab the opposite crack, go R and drop past the burner tile, go up the grey ridge E and along the S wall, drop to a yellow ledge below, go up on the walkway roof and over to the E, up the L side to find a Jumpswitch, this one will open the Garage. Head back to the yellow ledge on the W side and drop/hang from the E side of it, climb down the ladder to the passage where you got the Key.

The 1st Buggy Car.

From the climb wall, go E and to the R are the garages, the 2nd one is open, start up the Buggy and take it out, straight to the Cathedral and L, past the place where you shot your first Demigod and R down the slope, up to the dark ramp in the end and back to site A.

Site A. - Part 2

Drive on to the crossing and get out of the buggy, go over the ridge and through the tunnel in the 1st water room, get the MP and use the switch to lower a wall further up the ramps. Drive the Buggy up to the jump down to the Ramps. Make a U-turn and head down the passage to the Garden.

The Statue room.

Go L and into the tunnel in the corner go L into the Statue room and around the last machine, look for a ledge where you can ride the buggy to the S wall and up the steep slope to a Jumpswitch.(Hard but possible, speed is the thing!) Stop immediately when you are up, get the Lasersight and standjump/grab the Jumpswitch. Slide down and with a far away camera, jump/grab back to the ledge the Lasersight was on. Get in the Buggy and backup off the slope. Stop to get some Ammo there and drive the Buggy over the long bridge to the other side of the room, up the slope and a bit R so you can get out, Jumpswitch and a gate opens past the Ramps. Get down the block and go through the Garden and up to the Ramps and up E, leave the Buggy there and go S, here you’ll find the open gate on the L, go in to throw a lever that opens yellow doors to another Ramp.

Go back to the Buggy and look up E to spot that Ramp. Go up the N slope and R up the ramps to the yellow floor, get out and over some yellow beams to an area with a pole. Go past that for now and down into a SW room with many burners.

The Burner room.

Climb the wall in the SW corner and when you go over the top, immediately jump/roll and grab the end of the slope, hang and climb L around the corner, go down to the burner and backflip to a ledge. Climb the wall here and around to the opposite side, up and slidejump/grab the MS, go R and to the very end R, turn face R and drop to grab the side of the burner pillar, go L and pull up, slide to a safe pillar and go take out that Demigod that was shooting you all the time. Climb back up the last pillar and turn facing N, backflip onto the sloped one behind, jump/grab forward to the MS, go over to the R to the Jumpswitch, use it to kill the burner at a ladder in the entrance of this room.

Before you move on, notice the gate in S wall with the Statues behind it. From the ledge on the S side of the gate you can runjump around to the beginning of the Burner room, and where you land is the ladder you saw when you pulled the Jumpswitch, climb up and throw a lever at the gates E. (screenshot of burners) Go back down and to the pole on the ledges near the Buggy. Climb it and see a MP on a small ledge, now backflip into the window ledge of the bridge building and do a long runjump (R curve) past the pole to the MP ledge, get the MP and runjump/grab to the N bridge, go L and here is the 2nd lever for those burners, a block goes up in front. Go back down and to the Buggy.

The Statue room.

Drive it up the sloped block SW at the burners where you put the block up, go sharp around R corner and along the wall down into the Burner room, up a slope R to break the glass and get out inside the Statue room. There are 3 Statues to push in front of the control panels, facing the panel and if you don’t get a screenshot of the gate at the poison pool, it’s in the wrong place. The gate will open when all 3 are in place, go out W and R, up the ridge at the poison pool, go along the N wall behind the machines and up in the open gate, follow to a passage on top of the Big Hall. Shoot a Demigod and enter the L hand room with 4 switches and 4 levers.

Room with 4 switches and 4 levers.

Not too hard really, I numbered them L to R = 1-2-3-4, throw 3-4-2-1 and go into the S side for 2 levers to open 2 Animal cages. Go back to switch 3 and pull it back up, go to the N Side for the last 2 levers. All cages are open now. Go back to the Burner room and jump from the open gate back to where the ladder is, go to the pole area and over to the Ramp and down to the Ramps below.

The 4 Scions.

Climb the ladder up to the Animal cages S, be careful, the Fire Dragons are roaming around here. Shoot them from the ledge at the passage to the garden or keep back flipping. Get into the cages and throw the switches that will open the displays, get the 2 Scions on this side and take a shot at the Fire Dragons in the other cages from the gap in the wall. Go out and L, L up the ridge and over to the top of the garden. Drop to the ledge and climb up E, get onto the blue striped floor in the centre and runjump/grab over the burners to the yellow pillars in the corners, shoot (with pistols) the Fire dragons from the yellow pillars by hopping up and down, no place to hide!! to get into the cages. Go get the next 2 Scions. Go in the corner behind the last pedestal as a trapdoor opened in the hole between the cages, just runjump forward in with a grab (maybe turn L and R a bit) and you should land in the hole, light a Flare and get into the CS, turn L in the end and backup out of the R hole, drop and watch the great Flyby. You are back in Site B with the Cathedral doors open.

Site B, -Part 2

The Cathedral.

Go slide down and land in the Sphinx area, go S and shoot the 2 Demigods, go around to the front of the Cathedral, enter and walk the central floor to find 2 switches in closed pits (which you will use at the end of the level), L and R of the brick floor, go to the N and stay on the R side of the path, just past a flashing object R is a kind of arch with a tree on top R, go to the R hand wall here and there are 2 grey pillars, use the ledges behind them to climb up the E wall, find a spot where you can stand in a lower part of the high wall and do a runjump/grab to a ledge W, get Flares and look E to spot some Ammo you may have seen already when standing at the start of this level. Jump to it and follow the wall R, R in the end and look L when around the R corner, there are some platforms sticking out of the roof.

Jump there and follow the side of the roof to the S and on the corner, you can jump over the roof to land in a deeper grated part of the roof, get the Ammo E and climb up N side. Jump over the multi-coloured part of the roof to get to the flat roof with the golden Skylight. Get some Flares NE and go to the NW corner, overlooking the inside of the cathedral, look down here to spot the blue-grey sloped ledge below. This is where you have to go, face SE and hop back around the corner, turning L a bit, hit “Ctrl” only after landing or you’ll come short of the ledge, go R and pull up. From here you can see a lever and some Ammo S on the ledges.

Stand facing S and R on the ledge about centre. So you can sidejump L onto the sloped block, jump and grab the MS over to the ledge with the lever. A Demigod will start shooting from below (Coward), nothing to do about it now, just check your health, go to the end and L, you’ll drop on the ledge at the lever, throw it to open the 2nd Garage and go to the grey tile SE, drop from the N side and grab the lower sloped ledge, go R and pull up for some Ammo. Now you can go safely down over the grey slope beam SE and the brown ledge L on S wall, turn and jump to a grated structure on E wall, drop to the pink floor from here, (my Demigod was on the opposite side of the Cathedral, on the pink floor, just walking around in circles, so I stood on E side, just keep firing (pistols) at him and you kill him unharmed. Go out to get your 2nd Buggy. Go out of the Cathedral and S, take the Buggy and go L again, to the same ramp back to level 1.

Site A - Part 3.

 On the Ramps, go to the E Square where you got up to the Burner room before and this time take the L sloped block to go up the 2nd Ramp.

Site B - Part 3.

1st Lens.

Drop into a Hall, leave the Buggy here and go S, past a trapdoor that opens (leading down to the Sphinx area) to a Jumpswitch on the S wall, one of the Lenses in the cathedral shifts into place. Climb into the opening in W wall and drop/grab off the S side, go shimmy all the way to a blue ledge L and go over the trench to the W. Here you can see another Breakledge challenge.

Break ledges and Crossbow.

Stand opposite the 1st ledge and notice the floor is cracked, so stand L of the cracked square, just on the flat part and do a runjump to the 1st, a running jump/grab to the 2nd, shimmy R to the corner and save, pull up. Turn R and standjump/grab the 3rd , go around L to the corner close to 4th ledge, pull up, turn L and standjump/grab, go L around to face the 5th  ledge, a runjump/grab will take you to it, pull up and runjump/grab the brick wall, go up and a block lowers in the trench in front, but before you go down, look R and see the Crossbow in a window far away, just next to the blue roof. Get the Ammo in the trench R and follow to the end, climb R and find 2 brick pillars, facing each other, climb the N one to the bottom of the yellow beams and backflip/roll/grab the S pillar, go R and drop, slide and grab the edge, go R and pull up to get the cool Crossbow.

Runjump with a R curve back to the pillars and go into the trench, go N all the way to an opening up in the wall, climb up to the top, slide a bit and jump/grab the MS and spot the Jumpswitch on the N wall. Drop to it and hold grab while a flyby shows the gate where you got the Crossbow and one at the Blade pillar opening up, go L and drop onto the blue floor, now we have to get the Buggy in here. Look E for a ladder over a burner tile and runjump/grab to it, go up all the way and slide to the Hall with the Buggy, Fire it up and drive it down the hole at the Jumpswitch W, onto the blue floor and down the big tunnel S, past the burners to the Ramp at the pole and the Blade pillar. Leave the Buggy here for now. Get up the pole and backflip to the ledge when you are facing the Jumpswitch you pulled before, the block is down, so it is possible now and you are going to need this easier way in a moment.

The Timed Run.

 Runjump around the N wall to the top of a sloped ledge, and look L. Here is the gate you opened before, go through the gate N and to the lever W. To get familiar with the route, here is what you have to do: When you throw it, hit look to get out of the cutscene and run E, turn R at the E wall and hop back through the hole N, drop down onto the Ramp, go run down the brown ledge of Ramp, jump the corner to gain time and jump/grab to the pole, climb up and turn around to face the Jumpswitch E, backflip to the ledge and hop back turn L and runjump around the N wall, turn L a bit and sidejump into the gate, turn L and run to the end of this passage, runjump ( a bit L) to the 1st beam and do running jumps from beam to beam and go L a bit to end up in front of the gate opposite side. Now you know the route, go back inside to the lever. (With me, something strange happened, I throw the lever and get a cutscene with a closed gate, the I go to the other side of the lever and it works, I don’t know if it’s intended that way or that I did something wrong)

2nd Lens.

Inside the room is a Harpy you have to shoot, no probs now you have the Crossbow (heh, heh) Look for the 2 Jumpswitches on W wall to shift the 2nd Lens in place.

Making Things Happen.

Go back to the Buggy and drive it straight to the W, around R corner and Lara looks up to the hole where you climbed before, go on a bit more to a lower part of the Ramp, where a block lowered R, go in there and stay R, go straight over the narrow slope and jump into a lower roof on the Cathedral. The floor is pressed down by the weight of the Buggy, get out and say goodbye to the Buggy here. Climb out W and slidejump/grab the slope you jumped the Buggy from. Go to the Ramp and R, follow all the way past a double trapdoor to the place you’ve visited before, go up the ladder over the burner and to the trapdoor, climb down the wall to the Sphinx area, backflip from above the burner and go S to the Cathedral.

The Cathedral.

Go to the Arch with the Lenses past the waterfall thing and see the pool under it, dive in, go S and swim a long tunnel to the end, L and R are 2 rooms where you can pick up the 2 New RHA Embryo Activators.

Roll after Lara picks them up, swim to the other and get back to the N side fast, you probably will have to take a MP or 2, get some air and swim into the newly opened room N, here you can climb up L and R to go past some Burner tiles (sidestepping along the wall, nose in the wall will do fine) and throw the 2 Jumpswitches. Back to the water and N, the current will take you to a shaft back up to…

Site A - Part 4.

The Poison Pool.

Climb out and be careful, only one safe ledge here, there are 2 Harpies in the next Poison pool. Take out the Crossbow with the Explosive Ammo and be sure to safe before going in.

Runjump with a R curve from standing in the corner and land on the slope going down into the room, from the ledge, take out the Harpies and look into the room, the ledges are trapped and only some are safe, jump to 1st row R, runjump across to 2nd row most L, runjump 3rd row most R, standjump to one just in front of the opening in the wall and jump/grab in, climb down the CS in the back to go back to…

Site B - Part 4.

The Cathedral.

Climb down the long ladder again and go inside the Cathedral once more, to the back end corners, there are 2 Gold plated receptacles for the New RHA Embryo Activators, now the pieces fall together. The double trapdoor we saw before when driving the Buggy in the top of the level opens. Shoot the 2 Demigods first. Go over there, you can climb the first route to the top of the cathedral again, up the E wall, to the S, over the roof to the Golden Skylight and the back hop onto the lower grey ledge, this time jump/grab a higher ledge W and pull up over to slide to a ledge along S wall, go to where you can see a blue ladder in the far N and go over there. Runjump/grab over from the sloped block next to the ladder, to go up the ladder to the high Ramp. Go R and to the trapdoor, run in from the trapdoor and go back to

Site A - Part 5. Access to the Steel tower.

When you drop into the tunnel you were before, a flyby will show yellow beams of light and a Shuttle? taking off from a platform with a lever, the 2 Demigods you saw before are coming out to greet you, so shoot them fast and head down the tunnel and see the Egg raised from the Egg room. Now you know what those big Machines were for, they lifted the Egg into the beams.)

Into the Egg.

Jump around the L corner to the ledges there and climb down to the path that leads past the room with the 4 switches and go to the end, shoot the TE and climb down the metal grated structure between the Egg and the platform with the burners and the lever, use the E ladder. Drop to the yellow sloped beam and turn around, climb up the NE corner of the Egg tower and up the block R, (only grab, no jump) go into the structure and up the pole all the way into the Egg, throw a lever there to open a trapdoor up at the platform with the burners.

Up to the Platform.

Go down again and out of the Egg, down the NE corner and go under the ladder you came down from before, you can get behind the grated structure there, climb a yellow pillar R to get a MP and jump/grab to the inside L ladder. Climb up to a window behind you. Backflip there and stand on the E side of this too small ledge, you have to run along the window and jump out L a bit and then turn sharp R in mid air. Phew! Grab the MP and go around over the ledge to climb the brick wall inside. Climb L and drop, jump over the hole and go L up to the lever, which will raise a block at another set of 4 levers.

The Lever room.

That room is W of here (you may have spotted them already) runjump from the lower ledges of the platform to the W floor and go into the SW corner of the Lever room stand on the safe tile closet to the lever block and runjump grab to the dark green sloped side of the block, next to the raised block at the lever, Go L a bit, and stop on the highest part, if you go too far you will not be high enough to do the next jump. Pull up and backflip/Rolland curve R in mid air, grab the alcoves edge, now jump to the 1st lever. Throw it and throw them all to activate the Lasers which will hit the 4 Element Tiles. Finally you have opened the N Gate in the Egg room. (On the ground floor N, remember?) Jump from the lever block and head to the grated wall with the ladders to get down to ground floor. Go N under the grated wall and into the Gate, the level ends…


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