Tibet 2.

The Way home.

Level by Sheevah.

Revised Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Go over to the other side of the lava room and get the "Death Mask" from the pedestal, an earthquake rocks the room. Go back to the door at the beginning of the level and face the high sloped pillar in the lava, standjump/grab and pull up, slide far and jump/grab the opposite slope, drop into the ice cave below, runjump onto a ledge to the left (S) and start shooting a Tiger (arenít they a protected species?).

The Icy caves.

Find the crawl space in the East wall and go in to pull the switch. Go back to the S ledge where you shot the Tiger and look up for the crawlspace, jump/grab and get in, follow to a spike pit and a gate to the right, grab the ceiling and go over the pit and to the end of the passage to a pit, climb down into the pit and to the left at the burner in the end of that passage you can pull the switch to open the gate you saw earlier, go back to the gate and pull the lever inside to release the Boulder. Now the slope is free to use.

Go back to the Ice Cave and into the NE corner, climb a ledge there and face W to runjump to the ledge the Boulder was on before. Grab the ceiling and follow the monkeyswing around L to a crawlspace, drop/grab and get in. drop into the next pit and up the ladder to climb down into the next, climb down to the burner and backflip over the burner, follow through to a deep pit with break tiles, drop back off the entrance and climb down to claim Secret #1, a medpack in the crawlspace, go back up and from the ladder, backflip and sidejump left to an alcove with a switch, which will open the gate on the other side of the room, runjump to the breaktile in front of the solid ledge and go to the exit. Follow the passage leading up, step on the first break tile and drop down to get the Red Gem, climb back out and runjump over the pit and stop, the Boulder will drop in a hole in front of you, jump over that hole and a little further, roll runjump back over the 1st Boulder, to escape a second Boulder, now you can go up safely. Go outside.

The Frozen Lake.

To the right is a brown rock with a block behind it youíll have to raise to get into the cave in that wall, the Boulder in the cave will break the ice in the lake. Go to the NE and look in the slope under the gates for a hole to get the 2nd Red Gem. Go to the building with the steps, kill 2 Tigers and open the doors with the "Gems" to enter the Key room.

Key room.

3 doors which need 3 keys, go to the right and get some Flares in the corner behind the pillar, go to opposite corner SW and climb up the base of the pillar, from here make a runjump/grab to the crawlspace in the S wall.

Pushblock Puzzle for the Bronze Key and 1st Star.

Go to a pit in a crossing, drop/grab back into the pit and shimmy L to pull up into the N end, follow around L to a pushblock. Pull it once and go back to the pit, shimmy L to get into the W end and go L to the next pushblock.. Also pull it once and go back to the pit. shimmy L again and get into the S end, go left for the Crowbar first and then S into the crawlspace there, at the pit you have to drop/grab in backwards and shimmy L around to the opposite side, go right, and follow to a pushblock, push it in once and go R, careful thereís a pit in the next corner, follow L around to another pushblock and pull it once. Then return over the 2 pits to the pushblock SW and now you can push it once more to reveal a passage to the L, go in and watch the flyby. Jump/grab to the climbwall and shimmy/climb L, drop and go around the corner to the next pit, runjump to the monkeyswing and drop on the other side, follow the passage( beware of the pits!) and push the block at the end twice, get the Bronze Key to the right and the 1st Star to the left (S). Go back to the Key room using the same route.

Bronze Key room.

Open the doors in the South. Go R/L,2nd R and find some Flares SW, turn around and go R around the corners to the E and come to a block with a Flame on top, go S and first L, head N and just in the corner where you go R again is a Jumpswitch up to the R hand wall, use it and the room shakes. Turn R from the switch and go S through this passage to come to a raised block under the hatch SW, open the hatch and grab up L.

Monkeyswing Labyrinth and 2nd Star.

Get in and use the monkeyswing, go L/L and use switch, back and go R/straight/R, next switch, back and L/straight/R, switch, back and L/straight/L, switch, Burner at the 2nd Star is off, go get it. Pull the switch to raise the block to enter the snowball cave. Go out and head back to the room with the 3 doors.

Cave of Death for the 3rd Star.

Go outside and to the brown rock SW of the Frozen lake, climb it and use the newly raised block to jump to the crack (L) so you can shimmy L, pull up as soon as you can, turn and drop off the edge into the cave with the Spike-traps and deadly floor, shimmy left and to the ladder, hang and backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind. Go left again and around the corner, hang over the sloped pillar and drop, jump/roll aiming right, so you will slide off the next slope backwards, hang and drop at the 3rd Star. Take it off the wall and pull up to the W pillar you came down from again and backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind, pull up/slide/jump/jump/slide/slide/slidejump/grab. Pfew! Youíre on a safe pillar E.

The Silver Key.

Turn right and runjump to the slope in the South, slide/jump/jump/grab to the S ledge. Runjump/grab W to the switch (if you have the problem with Lara getting stuck on the edge, try jump back off the ledge, hang/pull up and then turn, now make the back hop to do the runjump). The switch will open the trapdoor in the monkeyswing Labyrinth where you got the 1st Star. Turn facing North and runjump to the high pillar, hold the jump key and grab the crack, go R around to the ladder, backflip/roll/grab and go R to climb back to the Frozen lake and go back W into the building, enter S again and follow the Labyrinth up through the hatch to the Monkeyswing labyrinth. Climb up in the trapdoor and get the Silver Key. Shoot both crates and claim Secret #2, the Revolver and Ammo. Go to the Key room and use the Silver key on the North doors.

Timed Trapdoor Challenge.

Boy, this looks like fun! To the right is a switch, on the pillar in front the next and on the pillar behind that one the 3rd switch. Pull the switch to the right and sidejump right, roll and runjump to the platform under the switch, pull, sidejump left, standjump/standjump/sidejump right and jump to the platform with the switch, pull and sidejump right, back up a bit and runjump to the also Timed door, Phew! (thereís a ladder near the ledge at the entrance you will surely need once or twice to climb back up)

Vase Puzzle for the 4th Star.

4 vases on different textured tiles, pull the one in the NE to the different tile in the centre of the room and get the torch that was under it, go to the trapdoor in the SE corner and open it to light the torch inside after shooting the wooden panel, jump back up to the room and light 2 torches on the wall of the vase room, the block will rise (you can leave the Torch behind). The block allows you to climb to 1st floor, look for the lever in the South. Use it and see the vase coming up to 1st floor, put it on the tile with the same structure as it was on, on the ground floor and the lamp will start burning. Repeat this trick with 4 vases and the door S will open (NE vase goes SE upstairs, SE goes SW, SW goes NE and the last NW vase goes NW).

Pull the lever inside to flood the room with the trapdoors, go back down and out S, dive into the water and swim NW look for the alcove with the grating W and shoot the grating out to get some Ammo and the 4th Star (just R of the entrance).

Spike Challenge for the 5th Star.

Back to the water, swim over to the East wall and find the tunnel, swim in and keep left/ forward to a room, with 4 vases, donít shoot them as they will activate Spike-traps on the 1st floor ledges. Climb up the ladder on the E pillar, jump to the N side ledge and run past the Spikes (no Spikes if you didnít shoot the vases to the W and shoot the vase to get the medpack from it and runjump to a single ledge S, hop to the pillar with the ladder and climb up. Go over E the Spiked bridge and pull up on the block, turn S and hop to the ledge, face W and jump (along the wall) onto the Spike-ledge with the Skellie and immediately runjump through to the corner ledge W, grab the monkeyswing and go over to the 5th Star NW and go over to pull the switch on the ledge NE. The boulder at the gates near the Frozen Lake comes down.

The Golden Key.

Go there, just jump down into the pool, steering clear of the spikes below. Swim W and head S out to the Key room to go outside to the Frozen Lake. Go up the slope the boulder came from and enter the gate, when you pull the lever down there the ice in the Lake breaks up. Get the Golden Key from below and go back to the key room.

Golden Key room.

Shoot both vases and get the Ammo and Flares from them, pull the switch NE and the gate in the Lake opens (notice the doors W), go back out to the Formerly Frozen pool and dive in, swim into the open gate E and up to the air hole in the centre of the room with all the gates, turn and swim into the green opening in the SW, pull the lever at the WHAT DID YOU EXPECT HERE? Sign and return to the air hole, swim into the reddish gate North, follow over a trapdoor, (remember) and pull the lever in the red light district to the R, back again and forward into the red gate South, follow along the R side to the blue light and pull the lever, return and take the small blue opening down in the SE go along the L and pull a lever at the white light in the end, that trapdoor in the red North gate opens, go in there and keep to the R to pull the lever. Back out to the air hole and climb out and up to the room you opened.

The 2nd Golden Key.

Shoot the NW vase for the 2nd Golden Key and go down to the water swim back through the R hand lower tunnel W and go all the way back to the Key room again (shooting the 2 Tigers on the way over), open the doors W. You are in a dark passage, in the wall in front are 2 grates, shoot the left one, get in and left for Flares, back out of the crawlspace and go into the NW passage to pull the switch at the gate, go back and into the SW passage and enter the Animal Quarters.

The Animal Quarters.

Enter left (S) cage and pull the switch, roll and get ready to rumble, a big Ugly Beast comes for you from next cage, take the picture (???) from the pedestal and go to the NW corner of the quarters passing between the gates. 5 Doors, a Star receptacle and 2 gated crawlspaces. Put in the 1st Star and draw the guns, kill the Tiger, centre door opens, get the Ammo (whereís the Shotgun when you need it?) put in another Star, get out and shoot the Ugly Beast. Next door, Star, Tiger, next door, Star, nothing, Next door, Star, Ugly Beast, crawlspace S from all the doors is open, finally get Secret #3 the Shotgun (bit late) from inside. Get out and go to the last door (NW), it leads to another cage area, go in to the cage far left and kill the bat (notice the closed gate), return to the door area and the last crawlspace is open, get some Ammo from it and go E to enter the Blue cage. Pull the jumpswitch inside (NW), go out and back into that door NW to enter the W gate in the next room.

On the way home.

Head up the stairs, Shotgun ready and shoot those Tigers, put the picture in itís place and enter the room. Itís obvious what to do next, so go and try to get that PictureÖ HelloÖ.!!! Swim to the tunnel in the NE and go through, dreaming about that rocking chair in front of the fire place in the Mansion.

End of the level.

Original 2003-06-12 Revised 2006-05-12