The Curse of Xian.

Marco’s mansion.

Level by Devoid22

Walkthrough Dutchy

CS= crawlspace, Have fun!

Some names are in Red so you’ll remember them more easy when you have to go back there.

There are so many Zombies in the level I will only mention the first couple till you get the Crossbow, then they are no real threat any more.

Remember it’s a Demo level with places that have to be further developed, I think.

Main Hall.

In the Main Hall you standing, go in the direction Lara is facing and R/R to a door, open it and shoot the Vase R for the Ammo, go on in this passage and don’t pick up the Revolver Ammo yet until you get the Crossbow. Open the L hand door around the corner and get the Flares and the Crossbow from the Vase in the other side of the room.

Dog room.

Go out and L, open the door and shoot the 2 Dogs to get the Ammo from the Vases. You’ll be back here, but later, first go back through the corridor and get that Ammo in the window, arm the Crossbow with some explosives. Wait till they all stand together and blow the 3 Zombies to pieces, then pick up the Ammo and go back to the Main Hall.


The Study.

Look for the button on this side of the staircase and push it to light the wall-torches behind you, then go up the stairs and head R and intro the opening to the E landing, open the door and get some Ammo to the R, look for the button on the R side of the Fireplace and go up the Chimney as the Fire is now off, in the alcove is a button that will open a hidden passage in the Main Hall.

The Thistle Room.

Go back to the top of the stairs and on the Top landing are 2 doors, open the L one and shoot the Vases for the Magnums and the Ammo, which you can put to use right away as a Ninja appears, (if you’re fast enough you can shoot him while he is still doing his summersault) notice the receptacle for the Thistle and go back out to the landing.

Top Landing R hand door.

Now open the R hand door on the top landing, get the Ammo behind the door L and follow the corridor to a Vide open the door straight ahead. Lara looks up to a hatch, open it and follow the CS to a hole, drop/hang in and 1st go R and up in the side CS to get Secret#1. Then drop from the hole into another bathroom and get Ammo and a ½ MP. Go out the door and into a bedroom, get the House Keys from under the dead Guard (pull him away by his hair) and get some Ammo in the corner, open the door with the button and come out to the Vide, go L and immediately R and shoot the Vase for a ½ MP. Then open the door with the Keys and look for Ammo the behind the bed, the 2 doors open and you have to shoot the 2 Zombies, then go get the Grenade-gun and Ammo from the wardrobes. Out to the corridor again and look L for another door that needs the Silver Key (later).

For the Torch.

Head back to the Vide, L and to the top landing, go down the stairs to Main Hall, R and into the W side of the hall, find another button on this side of the stairs and light the wall/torch behind you with it. Turn and see the Piano to the R, go into the hidden passage behind the Piano and open the R hand door below with the Keys you have. Get the Shotgun from the Vase, go out and open opposite door to get the Torch from under the dead Guard and some Ammo from the Vase.

Back up to the Main hall and light the torch at the wall/torch near the Piano, then light the wall-torch on the other side of the red doors and another secret passage opens. Drop the torch for now.

Garden 1.

Go in and push a button to open the Garden door, go straight and past a CS to a wider part of the garden, ignore the CS in the hedge as there’s nothing to get there (maybe in the full version of the Level there is…) and go R, shoot the Ninja and go along the R hand wall of the House to the corner of walls, climb up into the alcove and find Secret#2 in the CS up L. Go down (You can follow the garden beyond the Secret to a door leading to the kitchen, but if you go there now you will miss out on a Secret) and head back to where you came from.

Pick up the Torch and go to the E side of Main Hall, back into that 1st door you opened, follow to the Dog room and light the wall-torches (3 of them will do) there to open another secret door. Drop the Torch and enter, the door closes behind you, go L open the 1st door L to get a ½ MP inside, back out to the corridor and L, to the end of the long corridor where you’ll find a ½ MP in the Vase. Shoot the Dog that shows up and go to the other end of the corridor to enter the door that opened. A short corridor, go around the corner to hear the door you just passed open, go in that door, pick up some Ammo and shoot the Zombie, then go back to the other end of the long corridor and enter the new door that opened to the R. Push the button to the L, behind the Piano (to open a secret book case in a room on the opposite side of the corridor) and get the Flares, go to the other side of the room to open a door and get the Ammo out of the toilet, go back to the corridor and notice the opposite door opened, this is the ground floor level of the Vide. To the R is a door to a garden and in front a door to the Vase corridor.

The Scroll Garden.

The secret book-case you opened is to the L, go in to push the button that will open the Scroll Garden door and go out into that Garden, shoot the Dog and go L, notice the gate to the R and go on, past a closed wooden door and find the Jmpswitch in the end, the wooden door opens, throw the levers inside and go back to that gate, it’s open now.

Inside you’ll see the Scroll stand to the R, remember that and go L/R/L and get the MP, turn around and go R/L a couple of Wraiths will be chasing you through this garden to an alley with Statues and door that will open for you.

The Dragon Pool. (Locust can attack at any moment, get rid of them by running around and rolling)

Save here somewhere and go in, push the button and dive in the pool to get the Ammo from under the Dragon and climb out at the backside of the pool, run behind the block there and get the Lasersight from the floor, fit it on the Crossbow and take an explosive arrow to shoot the ball above the Dragon (you don’t have to aim so accurately) The trapdoor in the pool opened, get the MP R of you and dive in. In the hole is the Thistle (showed up as Load in my inventory, like all the other things I collected) Climb out of the pool and look L of the exit for another MP and leave quickly. Head back to the house and go in, at the room with the secret door R and into the Vase corridor, push the Vase to the corner And jmp over it, pull it all the way to a black alcove in the end, jmp over one more time to push it the last bit and the door R of you opens. Go L first and into a small hall, open the R hand door to get some Ammo from behind the bed and go into that door you opened by pushing the Vase.

Get the Ammo at the statue and go R/L and open the door to the Kitchen, shoot some Zombies and pick up a ½ MP, the white door to the Meat locker should now open and you can get Secret#3. Go back to the hall with the statues and R, open the door to the Piano stairs and go up, shooting a Ninja (when he shows up) and come out into the Thistle room, place the Thistle and enter the door to the Vase puzzle (well, puzzle…) The Vases go into the corners opposite the chairs and the door on the W landing of Main Hall opens. Go out and L in Thistle room, R out to top landing and R/R, follow to the open door on W landing. Enter the Globe room.

The Globe room.

Shoot the Ninjas and go to the other side of the room to climb down the Chimney, find the Torch in the SE and light it in the Fire place (don’t get too close) and then light the 2 wall-torches to get some blue spheres up above the floor, which will point out the places where the Globes have to go.

Start with the grey one to the closest sphere, then pull the red one twice and aside once under the next sphere, take the green to the closest sphere and the blue one goes to the last sphere in front of the Fire place, you’ll hear clicks to show you did it right, climb the chimney and go to the S wall, push the button to open a door in the Piano staircase. There’s Secret#4 for you. Remember where it was? Out to the landing and L to Top landing, L door and L to the end in the Thistle room. After collecting the Secret, return to the Globe room and go into the open door in the NW corner.

The Dagger of Xian, Scroll and Silver key.

Shoot the Vase for Ammo and open the door around the L hand corner, go R/R and open the last door L, just L around the corner is a Jmpswitch that will open a hidden door up the steps where you can get the Dagger of Xian (I think). Go out and R, don’t open that 1st R hand door, but go into the opened 2nd R hand door and shoot the Vase to get the Scroll, go R of the Scroll for some Ammo and L of the Scroll to shoot another vase for the Silver Key. Must be close to the dragon room as Locust come through the wall. Go back to the Globe room, out to the Main Hall and L onto Top landing, into the 2nd L hand door and to the Vide, R and to the end of the corridor, open the door with the Silver key.

The Attic.

Go up to the attic and where the crates are is a button R of the entrance, it will open a door in the Study. Go climb over the crates to the NW corner and then R over the high crate to get Secret#5.

The End.

Go back and down to the Vide, (shortcut here is to backflip over the railing into the Vide, check your health first and out to the Scroll garden) L and L on Top landing, into the study on E landing and into the open book case around the Fire place and down the hole in the end, a door opens, go in and go through the short corridor into the long corridor and L into the door to the Vide ground floor, R into the Scroll garden and L/R to the scroll stand, place the scroll and go through the gate to end the level…

Dutchy 17-10-2004.