The Setback Series.

Dynamite the fortress.

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

The Fortress.

Go to the gate and open it with the Crowbar, shoot the Guard and his Dog and get some Flares from the box in the corner, go up the stairs shooting all resistance, runjmp/grab past the crate blocking the way and get a ˝ MP and some Ammo on top, go to the far L side of the N wall and climb the lower ledge carefully, down at the moat are 2 Sentry-guns you have to take out before they notice you (the flyby will show you the route you have to take later).

Taking out the Guns.

Walk slowly forward, as far L as possible and look down with the Lasersight to see if you can already take out the R hand Gun. After you shot that one, pull back and go to the other side of this wall, do the same to take out the L hand Gun. Now you can jmp down into the water below and look on the S side of a pillar on the central structure opposite the Guns and pull the UW lever there. This action will lower a grated wall between the Guns. Swim L and climb out on a low ledge on W wall, stand in the exact SE corner of it and runjmp to the corner of the sloped pillar on the central structure (jmp exactly from corner to corner or you will not make it.) Repeating this jmp you can go all the way around the Moat to where the Guns were.

The Grated Walls.

From the NE corner pillar, standjmp/grab the higher pillar and jmp to the metal Skull-faced block, runjmp to the sloped pillar on the central structure, look down under the ledge of the Guns and shoot the box in front of a gate, go up to the S wall and runjmp into the passage with the lever. Where the floor is sloped down you have to jmp into one of the side-alcoves as a Spikeball will come down, go past it, throw the lever and get back to the Moat. Swim to the S side of the Moat and find one of the grated walls down, use the UW lever and swim back to where you shot the box, the gate is open, grab some Flares and watch the air supply. Throw the UW lever just inside on the R hand wall, go to the W side of the Moat for the next UW lever and back into the N room, swim all the way to a shaft in the back, leading up to a trapdoor and an UW lever, throw the lever for the last (E) wall in the Moat, of which the lever will open the trapdoor. Swim up into a hall.

Into The Fortress.

Open the W gate and follow the passage to where you hear the sound of a trapdoor, run around the L corner not to land in a pit below and shoot a Dog and 2 Guards on the stairs leading up to… A Spike Ball!!!, Run Lara Run, back to the trapdoor and jmp into the higher passage.

Block Puzzle.

Go back up after the Ball hit the pit and push a block in the end, till you can enter the R hand passage, in this passage is a grey Tile, on which you have to push the block, in the end of the passage you can climb up to the Top crossing room, drop down the NE hole and go into the main passage to push the block in front of the passage, go around through the top crossing room and pull the block in, go on till the block triggers a block to raise in the back of this place, end of main passage L, get up it and use the Jmpswitch, to lower a block in the beginning of the main passage, in the now revealed passage is another grey Tile. The block in the end of the main passage has to go there, same MO as the other block.

A block raises in the end of main passage R, open a ceiling hatch and go climb over some crates to throw the lever, a block lowers in the top crossing room. Climb back up there and shoot a box to get some Supplies and jmp into the room, open a ceiling hatch and climb up. On top of the first orange crate, open another ceiling hatch and climb up, shoot the wooden door (the whole door, or you’ll fall out) in the S wall over the hatch and push a block as far as it will go (gate E opens), head E to the room with the Traps.

Room with the Spikes, Blades and stuff.

Stand a few steps from L or R wall and do a well timed runjmp over the first pit and Spikes into one of the alcoves at the 2nd Blade, then a diagonal runjmp to the next alcove at the 3rd Blade across the room and the rest is simple, pick up a ˝ MP, shoot a Skeleton and a cover on the S CS, get a Secret inside, Ammo and enter the opposite CS to throw a Jmpswitch which will open a gate back in the room with the block, so get back through that nice stuff and hop over the block ledge, shoot the Skeleton and get some Ammo.

Horsemen and 1st Gem.

When you go down the stairs, 3 Horsemen appear, killing them is rather easy, just the Pistols and keep hopping back in front of them, one of them drops a Gem. Get it and head down the passage and just on the second stairs around the corner, look in the SW corner for a Jmpswitch, head back up the 1st stairs and look in the S wall for an open gate, place the Gem inside to open the next gate.

Timed run.

Inside the next room is a wheel for you to turn, about 10 times and run down into the hole, sprint to the stairs and down the stairs to the gate in the end, do a Swandive (hit "Alt" while sprinting) to roll under the closing gate.

Knight, Horsemen and 2Gems.

Inside you will be attacked by 2 Horsemen and a Knight is dragging his big sword towards you, shoot the Horsemen and lure the Knight to the 2 wooden blocks with the Gems inside, let him break the block (sidejmp when he starts swinging his sword), so you can grab the Gems. Climb the orange crate in the centre of the room and jmp/grab up to the 1st floor ledge, shoot the Skeletons off the ledges and place the Gems next to the W gate, lure the Knight away so you can use the Jmpswitch just inside the gate to open a gate on opposite side of the room, go down into that one. Slide backwards down a slope and grab the edge of the pit, drop and slide/backflip to the lower passage, end up in a room with a deadly pool.

Deadly Pool.

There are 2 boxes to shoot for some Ammo and in the pool is a trapdoor which you have to open, the only save square in the pool is over the trapdoor, over the slope between the boxes is a Jmpswitch, stand at the edge of the pool and one sidestep away from the sloped block and turn, so when you backflip, you’ll land on the top/centre of the slope, jmp straight away and grab the Jmpswitch. Jmp when you land back on the slope and land over the opened trapdoor.

The Tunnels.

Swim down and W, open the UW gate and swim in, L/R and up in a shaft, shoot the cover off the CS in the next room, go in to get a Secret, some Ammo. Go back to the room to throw the lever. (A flyby will show you the heavily Guarded Fortress) Swim back out and open the E UW gate, swim past a covered tunnel and go up the sloped bottom of the tunnel so you can jmp/grab up to the L passage, turn around and jmp into the SE passage.

Timed run.

Jmp over the wheel and get another Secret, a MP. Jmp back and turn the wheel about 8 times. Roll, draw the Revolver and runjmp around the L corner, over the hole and onto the block there, as you run off the other side, stay close to the wall on your L side as a Blade is swinging in that passage , go L to an opened gate, don’t run too far or you have to start over, you can quickly shoot the cover on the tunnel you saw before through the still opened gate. If you are lucky, you can run right in before the gate closes, otherwise go back and dive in the tunnel, swim back to the tunnel you just opened. Hard tunnel to get into and follow to the big Square with all the Guards and Sentry-guns, swim R and to a ledge in the far NW corner.

The Big Fight.

Climb out, up the walls and take out all the Guards and one of the Guns from here, pick up the Ammo, dive down and swim over to the far NE and do the same with the other Gun, now look down to find a small ledge below on N wall, between the wall you’re on and the bridge, standjmp/grabbing down and jmp to the bridge, (there are some crates on the bottom of the Moat, shoot them if they didn’t break already and get some Supplies, get back here) open the N gate with the Jmpswitch and enter, hop over the crates to the NW corner, get a Secret, a ˝ MP and push the block to open a passage, follow to a small door where the level ends.

Pity we couldn’t dynamite the Fortress as the Title suggested.


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