The Setback Series.

 2  Dead City Avenue.

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

The Bike.

Kick in the door in front and go L, get the Flares and head E, just around the R hand corner is an alley L, go in and in the alcove L is another door, climb the hole to 1st floor and stand on S side, back to the hole and backflip/jmp/grab the upper passage, follow to a deadly pool, runjmp to one of the sloped sides and keep jmping to the other side, shoot the Guard that was shooting you. Drop backwards from the shaft, to garb the Jmpswitch, which will open the door of the Bike. Drive it E and past the alley, and leave the Bike just before you go onto a square with Sentry-guns.

The Sentry-guns.

Race the Bike over the square with the Sentry-guns, through the fences and up the ramp on R side, to jmp over the pit. Stop at once and look N for a door, go in, drag (by the hair) the dead Body from the Lasersight and open the ceiling hatch in the opposite corner, go up to find the Jmpswitch for the trapdoor back in the lower room and notice the door just over the hole, when you drop back down. Go into the trapdoor in the lower room and follow to the Pit, there’s a dead Body on the other side, climb the sloped block L of it and pull up against the wall, backflip into the gap behind the pointy pillar and follow the passage up to a room with the Revolver. Up the stairs is a door leading to the street, open it and try to see if the Gun L is pointing the other way, if so, take it out. Return to the pit. Up to the street and jmp over the pit on the side you jmped it with the Bike and R up the Ramp. Spot the other blue door next to the Gun on the N side and run in (I didn’t have to open it, I don’t know if it is supposed to be that way) go upstairs and get the MP R, shoot the Guard behind you, when you go down the stairs to the other side, go out on the street and quickly shoot the Gun L of you. Then run past the last gun to the pit, jmp over and go to the room where you got the Revolver, if you did it right, the R hand gun aims at the pit, so you can shoot it.

Now you can go out and L, to use the Jmpswitch on S wall, it will open the door over the ceiling hatch in the Lasersight room, so jmp back over the pit and enter, climb up and into the CS to the door N, get the Ammo and go into the CS to an area overlooking another Sentry-gun site. Shoot the Fuel can at the Chopper to blow up all 4 Guns and drop out, grab the Jmpswitch, and head SE, drop into an open trapdoor and

Sprint past them over the fence And up the slope, a bit on R side, jmp over the pit behind it and open a door L, pull the dead Guard aside (by the hair) and get the Lasersight in case you didn’t have it yet. Open the ceiling hatch and climb into the hole, follow to a Jmpswitch, go back down to the room to find the trapdoor open, follow the passage to the Pit and go to the opposite side, face the block in L corner, near the dead Guard and pull up at the wall. Backflip behind the pointy pillar and follow this passage up to grab the Revolver in the next room, follow to the Poison pool.

The Poison pool.

Runjmp to a ledge behind the L hand pillar and from there a long runjmp with a L curve to the S end of the slope next to the ledge, slide off, grab the edge and shimmy R to another ledge, pull up/backflip/roll/grab the other side, go L a bit and do the same to get over to a lever. This will open a trapdoor where you shot the Chopper. Now you know how to tackle the Poison pool, head back to the Bike after you checked out the route. You have to get the Bike over a small ramp along the R hand wall to a Big Gate in the S. Let’s open the gate first. Drop into the trapdoor opened below where the Chopper was and follow to a lever in the end, Get some Ammo and get back to the water, go up the trapdoor opened in the ceiling, follow to the area behind the Big Gate and shoot 3 Guards, open the Gate with a Jmpswitch L. (backflip/jmp/grab from the sloped block) Go out the Gate and head back to the Bike.

The Wraith room.

Drive it through the Big Gate and up the stairs, stop as soon as you come inside the Wraith room there and dismount, dive into the pool in the centre to get rid of the Wraiths and swim into the W tunnel, get a MP in the end and swim back, go straight into the E tunnel, R and up in a room to throw a lever. (Gate in wraith room opens) Swim back and straight at the crossing, shoot 3 Guards after climbing out and throw the lever to open the gate to the Wraith room. Use one of the sloped sides of the pool to backflip/jmp/grab back up to the ledge with the Bike and drive it to the other side and through the gate. Follow the passage to another Poison pool room, 3 Guards on duty here, just run ‘em over, but don’t drive into the centre pit, go get the Uzis and Ammo around the room and dive in the centre pit, swim to the roof of a house on a square with 4 Guards and a Jmpswitch on S wall, which will open a door in the passage where you just came out of with the Bike. Pick up the ˝ MP and Nitrous Oxide Feeder from between the fences. Open the house and shoot the Guard to get some Ammo and head back up the roofs to go to your Bike.

Go out  and into the open door to an outside area, leave the Bike here for now and go over the narrow ledge through the poison pools, go check out the route, so you’ll know where to speed up for the long jmp. Fit the Nitro feeder to the Bike and go slow over the ledges to where you can hit the “sprint” key to make the long jmp, follow the long passage to the top of the outside area where you got the Nitro and jmp the gap in the ledge go on to an outside area with fences and a Sentry-gun.

Shoot a Guard L and jmp over the fence R, swim to the far R side and climb out on a low ledge, shoot the Guard up on the block above quick and then take a shot at the Sentry-gun, climb the block the Guard was on and runjmp to the Jmpswitch SE, to open that UW trapdoor, swim down into it and get Secret # 5, Ammo. Swim back and go over to the ledge the gun was on and to the crowbar door S, open it to go to the next level…


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