The Setback Series.

1 Another Castle.

Level: Thierry Stoorne.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

1st Gem.

Drop into the hole in front and climb up into the CS on the other side, follow to a deep room, drop/grab back from the edge and shimmy all the way L, drop in the alcove and run down L onto the slope below, so you slide forward, jmp/run straight into he passage in the end to avoid the Boulder. Climb up R, backflip from the top of the ladder and follow the passage to a room with a Gem, go around the trapdoor and get the Gem, stand on the trapdoor and fall through, back into the start passage, drop into the pit again, but now climb into the CS opposite the first one, shoot a fence and runjmp to the R hand sloped side in the next room, keep jmping L to the other side of the room and into the opening, place the Gem to open the trapdoor in the pit at the start passage, so head back there and drop into a pool, get out and up the stairs.

The Boulders.

Climb a ladder and backflip from the top to avoid a Boulder landing on your head, go L and around the sloped wall, climb up the wall and go to where you stand over the ladder you came up from, runjmp/grabbing into the exit under the Boulder and stop at once, standjmp over the pit and another Boulder crashes into that pit. Explore the place and jmp over a pit in the SW to get a MP. Go to the E side and climb a ladder, shoot some fences, grab some Ammo and runjmp over the gap to the sloped surface on the W side, go around to the SW to get Secret #1, the Shotgun. Drop down and shoot the fences N, go NE and shoot the fence to go into the corner there, climb down the hole, get the Crowbar and get back up, shoot the Skeletons into the pit and go open the E gate in the S side of this place, go to the end of the roof to find the Gate Keys and return, go to the W side to open the gate there, L is the gate you can open with the Key.


When you go S, 3 Warthogs come out to play, get up the S hill so you stand safe to shoot them with the Pistols. Go E and into the next area, get up onto an L shaped wall in the centre of that area and from the lower part, jmp around the N wall. There’s a pit with the Revolver on a lower ledge, slide down to get it and standjmp/grab back to the edge next to the slope, climb the L ledge on E wall and runjmp/grab to the N passage, follow to a dark blue room.

The Blue Room.

Get into the pool and get the Lasersight from the bottom, climb out, go W and L of the pool is a Golden Star to pry off the wall, head back E, 4 Skeletons make life hard, but if you just jmp over the pools, you have some time to place the Star on E wall. (You can shoot them in the pool, but I soon went out of Ammo, so I just avoided them.) climb up into the CS R of where you placed the Star.

Go up to where you have to shoot more fences and L into town (if you’re out of Shotgun Ammo better get some R first), climb a low roof L and turn around, see the Coin on some dark crates do a runjmp over the roof W from standing on the N side of the low roof. Immediately jmp with a L curve to get onto that stack of crates. Run to the Coin, roll and shoot the Skeleton off the stack, grab the Coin and runjmp back, go to the S side of town and use the coin to get a rope up to a CS, stand back and shoot the fence first before you go up.

Drop down in a dark passage, sloped down. Look up and spot the Boulder, sprint down and run sharp R into the room. Climb the W ledge around the room and runjmp to the centre pillar with the Gem after you shot the fence in front of the exit on opposite side, grab the Gem, stand back on the pillar and wait for the Skeletons to clear the area in front, so you can runjmp to the exit and get out fast.

Swim through the tunnel, meet the Croc and swim back to shoot the Croc in the room you came from, then swim to the end of the tunnel, through a slow opening gate and up into the pool in the Blue room. Get a breath of air and dive down into the open trapdoor, go R and follow the tunnel to a Gate Key, go back, R at the crossing and up in the pool near the CS to town, go L into town, shoot a fence and runjmp over the Spikes to the gate, open it and follow the passage down a trapdoor to a room where you can find a second Golden Star behind the fence in the far wall. Get it and climb the ledge above, there0s a hole in the ceiling, stand next to one of the slopes, facing the opposite one, take one step back from the edge and 3 sidesteps away from the slope, sidejmp to it and jmp/grab up to the higher floor.

Spike Room.

What I did was sidejmps over the corners of the Spiketiles, exactly over the corners and you will hardly get harmed, place the Gem to open the gate and sidejmp in, again without any harm. Well that was easier than I expected. Now jmp over the sloped floor in front and immediately run R around a pillar, go backwards up the slope the Boulder came from and backflip onto the sloped part of it, grab the CS and get in, go L for Secret #2, Ammo and R to place the Star after shooting a fence. The trapdoor in the Boulder room opens, go back and down into the CS, follow to a room with a burning floor.

Grab the sloped block and pull up, slide a bit and jmp/grab the ceiling MS, go over the next sloped block, to the part that’s sloped towards the exit, slide to the end of it and jmp into the exit, open the gate and draw the Shotgun, blast the Skeleton onto the trapdoor and walk up to it, he will disappear, go down and follow the alleys to a water hole, swim to a room with a Gem receptacle, climb up and there’s a Star receptacle, go up the stairs as we have neither yet.

The Labyrinth.

Dive in and go into the E tunnel, R inside and pick up the Gem in the pit, go back out and place the Gem to open a gate in the Labyrinth, go back up the stairs and dive into the same tunnel, go L this time and find the open gate in the NE corner, go in and up in the room with the Star. Get that and go place it to open a gate in the SW hole in the Labyrinth. Swim in and into the upper tunnel, R and follow the long sandy tunnel all the way to the end, past a Croc, lure the Croc with you, so you can shoot it in the Sewer room L in the end of the tunnel.

Look for a hole up in the ceiling of this room and jmp/grab up into the CS, follow to a room where you can see 2 Skeletons and a Gem on a ledge, drop hang from the hole and drop in front of the Gem, get up quick and grab it, the trapdoor below will open, swim out to the long sandy tunnel and L/R/2nd L and up in airpocket. Swim on and R at first possibility, to end of tunnel for Secret #3, Ammo, get some air and swim back, R/L at crossings and into long tunnel, L and R, up into a small room to place the Gem. Swim back and L/R/long tunnel/R and straight into the L side for the 1st airpocket, then around the corner, 2nd R and up into the Sewer room again.


Go for the open gate and climb up into a desert area with a ruins in a lake, run into the water and take out the Warthogs from there, go NE and find a ˝ MP, but be careful, a Boulder will come down, so stand in front and run to it, grab and hold backflip to get out of the way in time. The boulder triggered a trapdoor to open between the rock in this corner of the area, go around and runjmp into the gap and grab the E side of the hole, climb down, get a Gem and some Ammo and climb back up, backflip out and go into the Lake. Swim under the grey wall and R up at the low part of the 2 walls, place your Gem and see the other receptacle on the other wall, swim W and into the tunnel under the building, R at the crossing (see the room where you can get out in front) and into the open gate, swim back as soon as you meet the Croc and go take it out to the room you saw at the crossing, shoot the Beast and go back into the tunnel it came from. Get Secret #4, a MP and the 2nd Gem around the corner. Go back to the ruins to place the Gem and swim back to the crossing, a gate on the L side opened now. Swim up inn a shaft and climb out, shoot 2 Skeletons into the room below and go into NW passage, light a Flare and run up the stairs, jmp into L or R alcove to avoid the Boulder and go up where a trapdoor will open for you. Drop in and swim to the end of level 1.

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