Secret of One.

Level: Kidaguchi

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Slide and jmp/roll to slide backwards, grab the edge of the slope and pull up, backflip to a ledge behind, go down the next slope, but be careful, there are deep pits, go into the CS L and follow to a pit, climb to the CS to a room with 2 Skeletons, tricky, but Lure them into an opposite corner of the pickups and jmp to grab it quick, go on till you have the Gate keys, ˝ MP and Ammo, now get out quick and go straight past the Slope, shoot the Wild Boar and get a Compass (I had one already, maybe it’s a spare?) behind the shoot able fence R and open the Gate.

Shoot a Guard on a block in the dark and a Wild Boar coming around the corner, go around the centre structure and get some Ammo from an alcove in the back and shoot another Wild Boar, go around one more corner and climb up the sloped alcove R, slide/jmp/grab the ledge in front, look L and see where you have to jmp, to the passage behind the gate. A standjmp/grabbing from the L corner will get you there. Climb the long ladder in the back and the fixed camera will not make it easy to spot the right place, follow the passage to the S and shoot a fence L to get the Gem, a Skeleton awakes, run to the N and past another Skeleton and jmp to a pillar in a dark room.

Dark room.

Shoot some Hellhounds after you run jmped to the next pillar and jmp up the pillar S, get some Ammo and runjmp to the sloped pillar E, keep jmping till you can grab the higher pillar with the Ammo and turn E, runjmp/grab to an alcove with Ammo, drop to the floor and go to the entrance pillar, climb back up and go to the last higher pillar again. From there runjmp/grab a crack in N wall and go R into the CS, shoot a Bat and follow to a room with a pool, dive in and into the shaft in the bottom, turn back as soon as you spot the Croc and go slowly back to the pool, to lure him in there, shoot him, so you can explore the UW Maze at ease.

UW Maze.

Swim into the main tunnel and go into the 2nd L, R/R and up for air, swim back to the main tunnel and L, follow straight at he crossing and in the corner there is an alcove L, get the Ammo, roll and swim S, L into next alcove and get the ˝ MP, now follow this tunnel, go L at 1st crossing and go up against the ceiling, dive as soon as you encounter the Croc, follow the tunnel to an airpocket, get air and keep an eye out for the predator, swim on when he comes too close and get out in the end, up the ladder to an alcove up in the corner of the dark room, drop on L side to place the Gem. Drop into the Dark room, watch out for a Spiketrap and get some Ammo in NW corner.

Enter the gate and get a scare from the Mummy, look behind the Coffin in the corner for the Revolver (finally some firepower and go jmp over the gap along S side, get the MP from the dark alcove, jmp back and drop/grab from the edge of the floor next to the trapdoor, shimmy over the trapdoor and drop/grab to get into the CS behind it (cleverly hidden) and get Secret #1, the Timeless Sands, drop back out into the pit and hop on the crate, jmp to the crate N and get the Crowbar from it and pull up to the E passage to pull out a block there, go back to the trapdoor and stand in front, runjmp to the gate and enter, push in the L block and get some Goodies L before you go R and get the Golden Star from the wall in the next room, a Demigod is released, shoot it and get the ˝ MP from its hideout.

Then go to back the gate passage and L, follow to a pole, get up and backflip to ledge, stand in the centre of the square at the start of the MS and turn NW, so you face the corner of the MS and the wall, standjmp/grab forward and hang on (if not, change your pos. a bit) Go over to the higher ledge, drop, get the Ammo and hop on the ladder, hang L and go up, run forward fast and R around a block with a MP. Get it, light a Flare and run into the S passage, jmp the pit and grab the Ammo in the corner, jmp another pit with the Skeletons blocking your view and some Flares in the next corner, run to the ladder in the end and get up, drop on other side and jmp over S to get the Crossbow. (Saw that one before, exploring the start of the level, thought I missed it)

A Green Maze.

Go into the E passage and open the gate with the Golden Star and enter a Green Maze, go R/R/L and get a ˝ MP after shooting a Boar, there are more of these here, go back to the gate and N, R and look up L for an alcove in the hedge, get the Ammo from it and drop out, go into the NW green passage and shoo the Guard, get the Ammo and climb a block here for the Lasersight.

Now go into the back of the passage to place the Timeless Sands and go back to the maze, L follow E and R/L/L, up in an alcove, grab the crack up L, get some Ammo in it and shimmy to the CS in the N, go through the open gate and up the ladder to a heavily Guarded excavation site.

The Excavation Site.

Go R into the alley and to an outside area with a Jeep in a cave, shoot the Guard up o the L wall and look for the Jmpswitch behind the Palm tree (screen shot of a block raising at the Pyramid.) The sprint into the cave with the Jeep, a Sentry Gun shoots you in the back, open the door and go L, open another door and get a ˝ MP in one of the vases, throw the lever to open the gate to the Pyramid, open the ceiling hatch in the SE corner where the empty vase was and climb up, go to the pool in this room, shoot the Croc and swim N, open an UW door and go up in that room to get the Grenade Gun and throw the lever to kill the flames on the pillar in the pool, go back and climb out S, look on the big brown pillar SE corner for a Jmpswitch to raise the low ledge in the pool. Go to the corner next to the hatch and from the crate you can runjmp/grab the rope, swing to the brown block and go over the pillars to the N, inside the blue doors is the Nitro Feeder in an alcove.

Go back to the alley where you climbed up to the Pyramid area and hop onto the sloped ground under the W wall, go to the gate along this slope, triggering the Boulder(s) and enter the Pyramid area. Shoot a small fence up the N slope and go to the N side and R, use the block to climb the Pyramid, shoot the 2 Guards on W wall, a Harpy Bird and look for that Sentry Gun S when you stand on the top, shoot it too. Climb into the top of the Pyramid to get the Guardian Key and return to the cave with the Jeep, go R now and open the door with the Key, the flyby will show you where you have to take the Bike, cause the Chopper is waiting for you over there. Mount the Nitro Feeder and take the Bike out to the Pyramid, race (hit “Sprint”) it up the N slope and jmp to the Chopper…

End of a fine level