Rommel’s Treasure Series.


4 - The X-Zone.

Level by Pouco 2

Walkthrough: Dutchy

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

Looks like you have nothing left of what you gathered before, shoot the box to get the Breastplate, Amulet of Horus, the Guard’s Keys and Ammo, go up to the door and use the Keys to open it. Go runjmp over the pit and follow the passage up, shoot the 2 Guards (the blood looks different in these cold conditions) and get some Ammo, climb the icy ladder and shoot another Guard, get the Ammo and climb the icy ladder on the pillar, shoot the next Guard and take his Uzis. Go stand L, on the bottom of the slope and use only "Ctrl" and "up" to climb the ledge, shoot the box and get Ammo, Crossbow and Crowbar. Throw the Crowbarswitch and go to the open door opposite side of the slope, go backwards down the slope and grab, go R and pull up, backflip/roll/grab the other side, L to the alcove and climb down the ladder. Slide down to a sign on the wall, go into the L opening and runjmp far L onto the slope, grab the edge and go R a bit, pull up and backflip to the ledge behind the pillar, Secret #1 is yours (I like these kind of secrets), lots of Ammo.

The Factory.

Drop down the hole and down in the Factory Area, look R and see a dark structure with a ladder in it, it is the way back up. Go N and shoot 2 Samurais near the wooden crates, opposite the crates is a closed door. Go N a bit and into the R passage, follow through a shallow pool to the Barracks,

The Barracks.

Shoot the 2 Samurais and take the Lasersight and ½ MP they drop, hop over the crates to go in, get the Ammo and Shotgun and use the switch in the NE corner.

The Factory.

The door near the crates in the Factory is now open, so return there and go in, Lara will look up to the R wall, there is a Fusebox on it, shoot it with an explosive arrow after you equipped the Crossbow with the Lasersight and the door in the same wall opens. The Quad is inside. Go in and hop on the crate L., look R up in the wall, shoot the grating and runjmp/grab in, on the roof here you can shoot the box for Secret #2, the L and R Greave and some Arrows. Back down and go to the yard first, over the crates and into the small door, shoot the 2 Samurais, take some Ammo and go R, get a ½ MP on the desk in the office and go to the other side, down the sloped passage to the toilets, shoot the Guards and get the ½ MP in the last toilet. Now go up the top sloped passage and spot the Passage R, a closed gate here. Go to the office in the upper passage and enter, shoot the 2 Samurais and get the Desert Eagle and a MP. See the purple window; we’ll visit the office behind it later. Go to the Quad and fire it up.

The Magnetic Card.

Take the Quad out and go R, past the black ladder and up the hill, down the caves and along the side of the pit, reach an area with a barrack, park the Quad in a way so you can hop on quick when you return here and go in. Circle the office to each the area where the Guard is on watch, shoot him to get his Magnetic Card and a MP, look for a switch near the fence (an overhead door opens at the barracks) and head back to the Quad, hop on and the Guards will die as they come too close, otherwise just run ‘em over. Go back to the Factory and R to the Barrack, watch out for the water!

The Store Rooms.

Go into the new opened door R and follow, just past the crates into the tunnel ahead and circle the pillar counter clockwise, to pick up speed, just go straight when coming out of this small cave and jmp the pit. Go L and run over some Samurais, stop in the end and find the Crowbarswitch to open the door to the Store room. Pick up the Ammo before going in. Go L and be careful not to get the Quad stuck in corners, there are several Samurais here, just try to run ‘em over and go look for a Fusebox on a wall in the SE corner. Shooting it will open the next door on the S side, go up the slope to a landing and stop on the bridge R, dismount and go S, climb the crates and enter the office. Shoot the Guard and go to the passage in the back. Look in the NW corner for a grating to shoot, go in shoot the next grating and go pull the switch to start the old machine. Back to the passage and S, shoot the Samurais in next small store room and climb the crates to hop on the N ledge, get the Ammo and return to the Quad.

The Icy Caves.

Hop on and go into the building, R in the end and follow the passage over a bridge down in the pit you jmped and through a trench, there is a shallow pit after that, stop and leave the Quad here. Go on, but be careful, pits everywhere. Go al the way to a room in the end, and use a Crowbarswitch in a CS (crawlspace). Return and see a slope L, jmp up the R side over the Flatter parts and at the door, runjmp to the square on the other side of it, standjmp/grab into the door and see the closed door R, follow over the frozen water to a passage where you can se some crates in the next room. Check the health and run sharp L into the room, being shot by a Sentry Gun, push the crate L of the entrance once and sidejmp L into the passage. Climb the ladder and go activate the machine using the switch. Go back to the 1st room, the door is open now, you can swim under the ice to a room behind the Gun, so you can shoot it. Climb the crate in the NW and up in the passage, down a ladder and shoot the 2 Guards, follow the passage to the office in the Factory. Get the Electronic Key from the desk and use the switch next to it (it will open another door in the Factory square). Now head back to the Quad, just slide down the slope and jmp L, one more jmp L at the end of the slope will get you back on track. Watch out for the pits in case you forgot. Drive the Quad back to the Factory, jmping the pit and when you reach the factory square, go R and straight past the searchlight to the open door.

The Mono Rail.

Leave the Quad here for a moment and look up in the L corner for a Fusebox to shoot, pistols will do just fine and hop on the Quad, drive it in, but don’t go too far, run over some Samurais and Guards and pick up the Ammo. Be careful, there’s a Sentry gun around the corner, you just have to race past to the sloped passage R and head up to the Mono Rail Station. Drive around till you killed both Guards and climb the train, look for the Crowbarswitch, drop down get the Goodies inside and drive the Quad through the train, follow L to a couple of crates, climb over them and follow the passage to a red room, go into S side and shoot the Guard, pull the switch to open another door and go back, there could be one more Guard here, so watch out! Go back to the Quad and into the W tunnel, leave the Quad at the crossing and head S.

The Dormitory.

Climb over another crate to the Dormitory, look on the L beds for some Goodies and in the SE corner top bed you can shoot the grating, go in and follow to the switch and see a screenshot of a red door in the Station. Go out and climb the Footlockers, go to the Crowbarswitch in the NE side of the room. A door opens in the Barracks. 2 Samurais and 2 Guards want to stop you from leaving; we can’t have that now can we? Go back to the Quad and to the Station. Go through the train and L into a tunnel down into the pit below the train, go to the open door in the W and get the Plutonium Crystal (better wrap this up real good). You’ll see a screenshot of the red door on factory Square.

The Barracks.

Hop on the Quad and head back to the Factory and L into the Barrack area. Go inside and into the open door. Follow the passage down, shooting the Dogs you meet, climb through CS and shoot more Dogs, find a CS in the last room and go in to start an old machine by pushing the red button and the door opens to a new area.

The Harbour Area.

Go back to the Quad and drive back to Factory Square, up the slope to the Mono Rail entrance, but now into the R hand tunnel, stop inside after the 1st slope and hop over the L snow ridge at the fence, get all Goodies and go on with the Quad, till you reach the big room you saw when starting up the old machine, leave the Quad there and go N, look for the door L and the Fusebox to shoot on opposite wall. Enter the door and shoot the Guard, use the Magnetic Card on the Reader and go in, N and the big doors open for you, in this big cave, you have to be careful not to get burnt by the steam go to the NW corner and jmp onto one of the sloped blocks next to the slope, keep jmping and steering up to go up the slope this way. Push the red button and see an UW door open in the Harbour. Go back to the Fusebox door and L, dive into the water. Look for the door in the NW corner and follow the tunnels to the room inside the steam cave, get the Uranium Crystal there (see the door on Factory Square opening up) and head back to the Quad.

The Factory.

Go back to the Factory and go straight into the door W of the square, follow down to a big cave, l3eave the Quad there and go up the blocks E, open the door there with the Guard’s Keys and enter, go to the back and shoot the Samurais, use the Electronic Key in the machine and head back to the cave, jmp to the other side and shoot the box to get the Mystery Key and the last 2 Armoury Parts. Drop to the bottom of the cave and enter the room W and follow R/L to a Pyramid. Use the 2 Crystals in the W and E side of the pyramid and it will open, go in on N side and walk up to Seth, to bring him the Armoury Parts and the level ends.

Good level, (I still get annoyed by those advertisements for Tr-Online, Brings a good level down I think, but that’s my personal opinion.)


                                                           Rommel's Treasure 5- Necropolis of Seth