Rommelís Treasure Series.


3- Recycling Area.

Level by Pouco 2.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

You find yourself in a passage after swimming here from the Dock of the U-Boat. Turn around and follow to a climb. Turn and jmp over the hole, go around the crates carefully and try to shoot the Sentry Gun from here, go to the next room and shoot the 2 Guards. Go down to the Barracks below. Into the grey SE tent, shoot a couple of Guards and go forward to the next tent and climb the footlockers to drop into the dark hole in the centre of them, use the Crowbar lever and see the door to the Quad open. Go out and to the tent in the NW, climb in from E side and shoot the Guards, get the Ĺ MP and climb the foot lockers to get the Ammo. Drop and go out E side, R/R and try to shoot a Sentry Gun from here.

There are 2 Scorps running about, just try to avoid (so don't kill) them and run to the SE, get into the door at the Quad, hop on and circle the tents to the W side, from there you can go up the ramps between the tents jmping over the gaps to the last high jmp. Here you have to hit the brakes in mid air and turn sharp L so you can drive up to the L tent. Go around the W side to the SE tent, jmping from one to the other. On the SE tent, keep to the L and sharp R over the wooden ramp, to jmp into the sloped passage there. Follow to where you go into a building and drive carefully around R corner, follow to the room with the waterfalls, go along the side of the room to the opposite side, steering up the wall, so you donít fall in the pit. Follow the path over a steel pipe, jmp the pit along the L side, hit the brake in mid air and watch out for the hole just after the jmp. Go on to a Lava Room; go along the path to a big Tunnel L.

The multilevel structure.

Follow to the top of a multilevel structure, standing in the Lava. Go sharp L and follow to the green stuff, go R and park the Quad on the roof for now. Go to the E tunnel and runjmp in, follow down to the 2nd level of the structure, go to the W side where youíll find a closed door, look for a Fusebox on the W wall, shoot it and the door opens, sprint in to the passage along the glass wall and circle to shoot the Sentry gun in the E side, from standing on the Ctrl panel N. Go into that room and get the Ammo, push the button to open a gate. You van shoot the other gun too, but I just sprinted past to the NW corner of the outside walkway, runjmp into the tunnel there and circle to the 1st level, go S and do the same as you did on 2nd Level. Go to the SE and runjmp over to the tunnel, follow down to the ground floor of the structure, shoot the Guards and go to the NW corner to use the Crowbar lever there. (Lava turns to sand.)

The Safe Lava room.

Backtrack to the Quad and go up to the Lava room, the floor is safe now. Jmp into L passage of the centre structure (Donít I know this structure from somewhere?) and go runjmp around the L corner to a ledge, climb the blocks and get Secret # 1, a MP. Now you have to go back to the ledge where you jmped around the corner and slide down into the pit, follow the tunnel to a Lava cave, run around the L side to a tunnel ending at the multilevel structure. Shoot the crate in the L passage and jmp/grab in there, get the MP and shoot the Guard. Get the Magnetic Card he drops and go back to the Lava cave now you have to be fast, sprint along the path and get over the ridge, you will be attacked by Locust our dear little Dragon Lady will throw at us. Go back to the pit and jmp up one of the W corners, from the triangular ledge you have to runjmp with a curve to the W to get over the last part of the pit, it will set you on fire if you touch it. Get back to the Quad and go back to the Barracks. The Dragon Lady is here, but quite harmless. Seems some people had an active Dragon Lady, spitting fire and all, only thing I can think of is that I left the Scorps live and they are attacking the Dragon, so maybe thatís why sheís immobile.

Go to the Card Reader in the passage near the Gate to the Chopper and open the doors, go out and to level 4.

(Well this was a short level; still think I must have missed something, but not sure. If you know, give me a hint)


                                                        Rommel's Treasure 4-The X-Zone